Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Tuesday this and that

Well, another day's delay in fixing the remote access to my side job. A different IT guy than Friday calls me up, after getting a message from someone at the office that I still can't log in. He says "well, the reason you can't log in is the computer there is turned off". I chuckled and said well, they just told me it is on and that they even restarted it so I could try after that. That's why you guys got contacted again. Then he was confused, LOL. So, he tried to access it remotely himself and couldn't either. Then called me back about 15 minutes later and said apparently 2 devices are now set up with the IP address, so that's the reason it's not letting me get in/error message, but they haven't figured out yet what the other device is. He will have to fix this after hours, when he can reset their server without disrupting everyone working. He said it should work in the morning.

So, I try to log in this morning, hoping to get to work at 7am and nope, still can't get on. I guess I'll wait until 8am their time and email about it.

Yesterday afternoon the paperwork the dealer sent, so we can license and register it, arrived. We'll go into town sometime today and take care of that. There were also copies I had to sign that need to go back to the dealer. She had them marked with notes and also included a return label to just re-use the envelope they sent the papers in. I can drop that off at our town grocery store, as they have a UPS pickup service. I can rarely get the gallon jugs of drinking water with my Walmart orders anymore, so I'm going to see if the town store has some while there. I like to have a couple on hand and use the water to fill my Keurig. If they have some green bananas I'll pick some up. They usually are pretty green there. That way about the time the current bananas I have are too ripe or dh has finished them off with his morning Cheerios, I'll have more on hand. Once the bananas start getting pretty spotty and soft, dh doesn't like them in his cereal, so I have a pretty short window of being able to actually use them.

I woke up to snowing this morning, about an inch so far. I guess our warm almost 50 degree days from last week are gone again for awhile. I see next week's forecast shows overnight temps back down in the low teens. 

It's pay day. My 3 bills out of this paycheck are on autopay. I also just transferred some to my savings for propane. I've got $500 saved up there so far, so by next fill up in June or so, I should have saved most of what I need to cover that. I also just paid off a "paypal credit" balance I had been making 0% interest small payments on. It was from purchasing the Casoron bags we use for our weed control. They are really expensive at over $200 per 50# bag and we have to buy 2 of them. We needed them right when I was paying those thousands and thousands of dollars in hospital and doctors bills, so I charged it to the paypal credit/no interest for 6 months. The final balance isn't due for 30 days, but it was down to $73 owed and I wanted it gone. We apply the casoron weed granules annually and while it's pricey stuff, it works very well and still way cheaper than paying for a service, like our neighbors do for their yard. DH doesn't mind applying it himself.

Upstairs in my house we have this kind of long and wide hallway that goes to the bonus room. My plan has always been to have bookcases built along the wall and that be my "library". I'm hoping we end up having the carpenter guy we just used recently to build them. I've been thinking I'd like to get one of those antique library card catalog type of cabinets to put in the middle of the wall and have the bookcases on each side. Kind of break up just having a long wall of bookcases. I've been them at one of the antique stores we've been too, but that stores stuff is usually a bit overpriced. I am going to see what that antique mall in the city might have. They had good prices on that china hutch and church pew I got last summer. If I can't find something, I've also seen them available as new type of cabinets online, so there's always that option. Plus, I think the new ones are designed to look like a card cabinet, but hold CD's and DVD's.

When I was a kid I used to eat cream of wheat. I decided to get some to try and see if I remember it still tastes "ok". It was never great, LOL, but I didn't mind it with some milk and sugar on it. I think I might have overcooked it (did the microwave method), haha. Next time I'll try cutting down the cooking time by 30 seconds.


  1. My mom still makes cream of wheat! Not in the microwave, and she adds walnuts and raisins! I prefer it with just raisins.

  2. I love Cream of Wheat with sugar and butter. Then, I drink milk with it. I prefer it some days with loads of raisins. Now, I need to buy some for me.