Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Power and internet outage

Just so you don't think I only relay stuff that annoys me about others (Facebook stuff) - that couple I mentioned awhile back who never seems to be prepared for anything (like weather or a hacked bank card), though in their 40's and have their own business, etc. Well, she has just posted she has lost 80 pounds! So, good for her! She looks terrific. It does sound like she had the surgery. I hope it works for her/sticks. I know someone who had that stomach surgery about 10 years ago and from the looks of her pictures over the years, she has somehow put it all back on, if not more. Seems a very lot to go through to just start eating again and stretch your stomach back out (or at least that's how I understand it happens).

Mr and Mrs Neighbor got home about 5:30 yesterday evening and Mr. called dh right up to thank him for all the plowing yesterday. Considering the weather and road conditions they made good time getting back home. I guess the girl they had dog/house sitting was only a junior in high school and she did have school yesterday, as apparently our school district was not closed for President's Day.

This mornings temp when I got up: -5, with an expected high today of 12. It looks like we will be back to more normal day temps of mid 40's by the weekend. I imagine today we will go back to the licensing dept at the courthouse and get our new car registered, as the paperwork the dealer forgot to include last week, arrived yesterday and now we appear to have what we need. Unless dh just decides to wait until the snow plow gets to the main road into town. I don't think they have done it yet. They are state snow plows (not county) that does this road and they first take care of the freeway/pass before they do this road, so with a big snow, it can sometimes take a couple days before they get over to this frontage road/old hwy.

Well that was an interesting 90 minutes or so. I was typing this and our power went out. Came back on in a half hour or so, but our internet never came back on. Tried unplugging the router and plugging back in to reset, but nothing. I couldn't even create a hotspot with my phone service, which was very strange. I tried to use my phone data to get online and see if the telephone company, who we have our internet through, was maybe also having an outage, but their website is pretty crappy. Then I texted my neighbor down the street who works from home to see if she also uses same internet service and she does and hers was working. I went out to the garage again, to reset our modem again. It's inside a electrical box and I realized the modem had no lights on it at all, but plugged in. Oh crap. Did it get fried and die? Dh was looking at it with me. I said well, I guess I have to go call the phone company about a new modem and as I'm walking back inside dh figured it out. The plug in that it's all plugged into has a GFI button and that needed to get reset. All works now. Whew! But all the fiddling around, restarting my computer, restarting the modem, etc and almost another hour was wasted.

Of course now dh wants to run to town to do the car licensing. I told him I need to work and reply to a few emails first and get caught back up and then we can go.


  1. Brrr, -5F is way too cold for me!
    I do know people who had the surgery and gained weight. It is a shame.
    Computer/internet problems are so annoying. I am glad your problems were relatively easily solved.
    Has kitty tried to get out in the cold and ice and snow?

    1. Kitty wanted out yesterday, so dh finally let him out (was planning to stand right at the patio door to watch him) and kitty stepped out and turned right around and came back in, LOL. Dh got a good laugh.

  2. I know a couple of people who regained weight after that surgery too. Seems you have to address the addictive side of your personality as the surgery alone won't work for long (so I'm told)!

    1. That's what I was thinking - obviously this person I know who gained it all back (and more) has other issues that need addressed to make this work.