Monday, August 17, 2020

Project progress

I mostly had a "day off" yesterday. DH got all the boards attached to the sides of the bonus room bar. Now we just need to find a top for it. I did have to stain a couple of edges he had to saw off to fit, but it only took a few minutes. I got the downstairs floor swept and mopped. Watered all the flowers in the morning, as it was going to be near 100 degrees.

A tomato on my patio tomato plant was ready to be picked. It didn't look the greatest, but it was enough to use with club sandwiches for dinner. I'm not a huge tomato fan, but I do like garden tomatoes ok. Before dinner I decided to make a couple loaves of zucchini bread. I assumed the old recipe card I had was the recipe my mom must have used when she used to make zucchini bread. But, I don't think it was. The loaves aren't the same texture or color that her very moist zucchini bread always was. So, while it doesn't taste too bad, it's not what I wanted/expected.  Plus one zucchini made the 2 loaves, so I still have 2 big ones left. I think they are just going to end up sliced in half and become chicken treats. It's going to be 100 degrees again today, so they will probably enjoy a treat like that later this afternoon.

Here is the rustic bar. I am liking how it turned out

The wood pile in the garage has gone way down, so that is a good thing, too. Once we get the counter top, he is also going to put in some shelves underneath. The back wall behind the bar is plumbed for a sink. We haven't really decided yet how/what that will be, but he'll probably just build something basic, like the bar, to put a little bar sink in.

The fence guy told us last week (twice) he will be here's Monday, 9:15 am and not here yet...but that's normal for around here. We haven't heard that he's not coming today, so I hope that he is and not just blowing us off yet again.  I told DH I can tell my chickens are from here - they also only work from 9 am to noon, LOL. Of course DH is pacing and grumbling that he's not going to show up. He got up at 6:30 this morning and I asked why - because the fence guy is coming...I said oh good grief - he's not going to be here before 9:30, if we are lucky!


  1. I sat here looking at the bar picture, wondering why the top of the bar was so Then, it occurred to me that it would have a bar top. I am tired. At least your chickens work regularly and do all you expect of them. They never let you down.

    1. haha yes, it still needs a bar top. The chickens are right on time every day :)