Friday, August 28, 2020

A little of this, A little of that

Uncle told mom about his skin cancer and surgery to remove it on Monday, but she hadn't mentioned to me that he told her. Finally she remembered when I talked to her yesterday, so that is good. I asked her if she played bingo, but she said she didn't. She said she had invited her neighbor lady across the hall over for a visit and she stayed about an hour and a half. Mom said her apartment is a studio and very small and she thought maybe she would like to get out of her apartment for a bit. I'm sure it was good for both of them.

UPS came to deliver yesterday and picked up the 12 boxes of stuff going to DS. We already knew we were on the end of his route, so he'd have plenty of room. He also gave dh his cell# and said if we ever have a package that needs picking up and he's not delivering to us that day, just call and he'll stop in and get it, so we don't have to pay that extra pick up fee. That was nice of him. Unless dh starts selling off some of the crap in his shop, though, I doubt we'll ever ship much. But, it is good to know it's an option to ship something and not have to drive into town to do it at the post office.

DH is mowing the lawn again today. He ran out of weed eater string line, but the replacement I ordered won't be here until Monday. Sunday and Monday the temps are supposed to be down to 71 and 66. Quite a change, but then back up to the 80's next week. It's definitely getting colder in the mornings.

DD likes to watch for things on Marketplace in her area (and she's sold or given away quite a few things, too). She got a nice 7 piece patio furniture set for $400 recently to put on their new concrete patio. They also built a neat stone firepit all by themselves and are working on a wood pergola. This morning she has a message in on 2 nice accent chairs for $60 and is going to pick up a neat marble chess/checker board and pieces for $5! When she sent me pic and that she was thinking of messaging to get it, I said well if you don't want it get it for me, haha! I told her I watch for things on Marketplace, but everything I'm interested in always ends up like a 2 hour drive away, so it's not worth it to me. Her more densely populated area allows her to find things close by where she lives.

I want to get a couple of jigsaw puzzles to do this winter. Why are they so expensive? LOL. They are like $15-20 each. Another thing I want to do is figure out how to get my sewing machine stitching right again. I think the tension or whatever is messed up on the bobbin thread and I never took the time to figure out how to fix it. I don't have anything particular in mind to sew, but figured if I actually get it working right again, it might inspire me to find a project to do. Learning to make a quilt has been on my to do list for years now.

Glad it's Friday, but sure do still miss having those half work day Fridays. The management decided to keep the work at home option through the end of this year, so at least no half Fridays back in place until next year, now. It was nice having those every other Friday. I could get most of my weekend chores done and not have to do it all Saturday morning.


  1. People always wanted me to look for things online and free or cheap. But, the small town I lived in was an hour or more from all the offers. So, not much use. Now that I am in a larger place, there are other things, like Covid. And, I have no truck for things I would like.

    It sounds like your mother is doing okay in her new place.

    1. DD has a truck so was able to get the chairs easily. She had arranged to pick up the chess set at 2pm and when she went to contact the lady to tell her she was on the way DD sees the ad says sold so she asks her and she replies "I sold it". LOL. The fun of dealing with sellers and buyers.

  2. Your sewing machine probably needs a service. I don’t know how easy that’d be to get done, maybe someone on your local Facebook page could do it? x

    1. it probably does. I'm sure there is a repair place in the city I could drop it off at