Sunday, August 2, 2020

Hot Saturday

It was too hot yesterday to do anything either outside or even in the shop (ie the loft shelf extension). It was over 100 degrees outside. So, it just ended up being a day of mostly relaxing in the air conditioned house. I went out in the shop with him for a few minutes in the afternoon because he wanted help measuring and it was 84 in there.

Haven't gotten any more eggs yet, though one of the other hens squatted down in front of me, like the other one had started doing last week. And one of them had been sitting up in the top nesting box as the straw was all concaved in. When I let the dogs outside this morning they were already up and squawking like crazy so I grabbed my morning bread treat and went out there (usually I wait until 8 or 8:30). Two were down in the coop. One was still up on the perch inside and one was up in the top nesting box, but no egg. Maybe I'll get another one today :)

DH went outside last night and saw a black kitty cat by our back door. Not sure where it came from/who it might belong to. I don't think either of our neighbors got a cat and the next nearest neighbors are a mile away. I did check the lost pets page for our county on Facebook this morning, just in case anyone reported missing a cat. I so badly want another cat, but then after DH told me (I was already in bed) the only thing that went through my mind was a cat scratching up all my new furniture, LOL.

Friday dh was craving a smoothie or something cold and filling to drink. Didn't have anything but I said we would drive out to the mom and pop burger place for burgers and milkshakes. We haven't been there since before pandemic. I called to make sure they were open now and they were only until 6pm. It's about a 20 minute drive or so to the next town. It's never too busy, maybe one car already in line, but they are slow. We know this LOL. We get there and there are like 5 cars in line. Ugh. But we drove all that way and there's no other place, so we got in line. All the cars were from out of state, a stop off the freeway.  The car in front us us was from CA. We move up in line (after almost half hour in line) and the car in front of the car in front of us gets to pull up to the window to get their food. Right as they start to hand them their food the CA car in front of us pulls out and leaves! You were next! In like 2 minutes! So, as we are pulling up to the window I say to DH they don't know the car left so make sure we don't get her order. The next place for that lady to get food was going to be an hour drive. Weird, especially after waiting all that time already. Anyway, we got our burgers, onion rings and milkshakes and of course our doggies got their pieces of bacon they always give them.

I'm going to run into town this morning for a few groceries and we need more ice cream bars for the freezer. Maybe if I get there early enough there will be some donuts left.