Sunday, August 9, 2020

Busy days

Friday afternoon I left for the city at 4pm and got to my first stop at 4:35, to pick up the laminate flooring. It was 5 boxes and on my way in I realized oh! those will take up room and I have all the groceries to load! But I figured maybe all the boxes could lay across bottom of the back of my car and put groceries on top. Boxes were a bit bigger than I thought. I got 3 across and then 2 on top of those, but still room for groceries.

Next stop was Lowes to return a big box of plastic lawn edging (that was taking up a bunch of room). While there I checked the cleaning supply aisle for yellow Windex - still none to be found anywhere (any window cleaner stuff for that matter).

Next stop Target (it was busy at 5pm) to return the tennis shoes. The girl opened the box and said "Oh, these are really cute!" I said I know, but they just don't fit right. Before I went inside I read my Walmart email on what items were not in stock when they picked my order. 11 items! GRRR. I was able to get most of them at Target, except the lunch meat and hamburger. I also wanted to pick up a couple of tshirts for me, but absolutely nothing in medium sizes left in any color I liked. Again checked for yellow Windex. What does glass cleaners have to do with Covid?! Haven't been able to find this since it hit. Most of their lunch meat was out of stock, too.

Next stop the grocery store to find bananas, lunch meat and hamburger. Again - the lunch meat section was pretty bare. Starting to feel like early Covid days again. As I'm leaving I get the Walmart text that my order is ready (they usually text 10 minutes before the hour). I got there a couple minutes later. Only had to wait a few minutes for my order to be brought out. Not the friendliest guy. Usually they are really nice. Pulled out at 6:02 and was home at 6:45. Another long day. I had left DH a sandwich for dinner. I ate a late lunch and then took a granola bar with me. I had picked up some cheese type snack at Target, so had my granola bar and 2 of those while waiting for my order. That helped fill me up until I got home. Basically another long day for me.

Yesterday was more staining and painting. I think I am done now, haha. I got up onto the loft and rolled on white paint over the plywood floor. I think us figuring out which 5 gallon had the white paint and getting the paint roller, etc out took longer than to paint it. I was done painting it in half hour. Then dh had more trim boards that needed staining so I did those. This time I remembered to download an audio book from the library and listened.

I was all done around 12:30 or so, had collected 4 eggs too. The chicks are paying their rent now, LOL. While I was staining (garage door was up) a pickup pulling a boat trailer pulls into our first driveway really fast and actually uses the turn through to the other driveway and pulls out! DH walked out of the shop just after he pulled out and I was like what the heck! As the guy drove past on the main road out front we both just stood there and stared. I can see pulling into someones driveway a bit and backing out to turn around but not to just drive through their property like it's public space.

I took a nap for about an hour, then called my mom. She had done exercise class again that morning and they are getting to eat in the dining room a lot more. It's all helping keep her busy, so that is good.

By later afternoon all the paint was dry, so I helped DH move the stuff onto the loft (most of it was already up, sitting over the loft area over the bathroom, so it wasn't too hard to move over. We made the new loft area into a nice display of some stuff that has history and meaning to us. DD thought it was great. It was a good day as it accomplished 2 things, in my mind. Gave DH the display and also created more room for him to get more stuff off the pallets on the floor. Win win. And the temps outside was pleasant so we weren't too hot working in the shop.

Also found out that the lot for sale on our street does have a pending sale. Not surprised. We are just hoping the guy that owns the 2 lots on the other side of us doesn't decide to sell any time soon.

After some housecleaning and dog grooming, I'm just going to try to relax some today.


  1. When i painted shelves with white paint, everything stuck to the paint! A few things were ruined.

    I cannot find Coke Caffeine Free. I was told manufacturers are only making most popular items. Maybe that is the way with the yellow windex. I have never seen yellow Windex, but I don't buy Windex.

    Maybe you need to put up a sign!

    1. We use Dawn too, and needed some a few months ago and of course couldn't find any so I ended up buying a big bottle of store brand something similar, so haven't had to try to find Dawn again, yet. We are considering a sign at the entrance to our street.

  2. Ha ha, your story of trying to get everything in your car reminds me pretty much of EVERY time I've been to IKEA!

    1. My joke is that my car can haul just about anything, LOL. Even a 8 foot board.