Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Tried to have a good day

I'm standing in the kitchen making lunch yesterday. DH looks out the window and says "neighbor's lawn service guy is there now". (long story, LOL). Five minutes later I go back up to my desk and an ad for TruGreen lawn service is showing on my Facebook feed. DH goes back and looks at the name on the truck at neighbors, same company.....I really hate these "coincidences" that happen all the time now, every time we talk about something in our own home.  Makes me just want to toss my phone in the river.

Around 8:30 last night I decided to have a bowl of cereal. Just as I was finishing it, the last bite didn't go down quite right. I was trying to cough, clear my throat. Then more coughing. I HATE coughing. It makes me throw up if it keeps on. Plus, then from the coughing my nose starts running and sinus's are dripping into my throat, making it worse. I head into the bathroom to get tissues and try to take a sip of water. Then another cough and that was all she wrote. Emptied my stomach. Usually I only have this problem on some mornings every so often, when I get up and my sinus start draining and makes me start coughing. It usually helps if I blow my nose as soon as I get up in the morning.

Yesterday was peace and quiet with the neighbor dogs. I thought their new "plan" worked and commented to DH and he laughed and said no, Mr. has been home all day. Today through Friday will be the test as he is gone until 2pm each day, but so far it's been good.

I follow UPS Dogs on Facebook. But, this morning I'm looking more at the picture of how/where the driver had to pull in his big truck and walk to deliver the package, LOL. His truck is parked in the street, then there are 2 cars parked in a driveway area, and then there is a gate in front of the cars with more driveway/parking area to get to the house. A bit of a walk to deliver. Why am I noticing this? Because Monday night we had a UPS delivery, it was after 8:30pm (I do not like them coming that late). The driver was an idiot. Not our normal driver, this is the driver who delivers in town (we used to have him when we lived in town, so he's not inexperienced at all). We have two driveway entrances into our property. The first (would seem the logical one to use, especially for a big truck) pulls in front of the shop and the driveway arcs in a half circle and goes back out the other driveway. Makes for a nice easy in and out for a truck. Or it turns and follows next to the driveway pads in front of the shop and then the garage and turns in front of our front door walkway. Then it keeps turning the corner and goes back out to meet up with the second driveway. (So, there's an island in the middle).

This guy pulls in the 2nd driveway. And instead of just stopping in the wide, easily maneuverable arc area and getting out and walking the package up to the door, he continues on, swings wide and drives right across all our colored concrete/stamped concrete borders of our parking areas. DH was so mad (yes, he's picky about keeping things looking nice). Then of course the guy couldn't get the big truck around the corner to leave, so then he had to back up again across the garage parking pads. Our normal delivery guy had told DH awhile back that they are instructed not to drive their trucks on people's parking areas, they get too many complaints.

Here's my cartoon drawing of our driveway. The black ink is where the usual/smart drivers pull in. The blue ink is where this driver came in and drove.

I'm not very to scale, LOL, but there really isn't that much room between the island and the shop parking pads. So, now we've got truck tire marks going horizontal across all the parking pads and stamped concrete borders that are on each side of each parking space. Anyway, in this UPS dogs picture, this driver appears to have to get out, walk up the parking area of this place, open a gate, walk up some more parking area.....exactly what our driver should have done.  If we ever get our fence and gates up DH is just putting a box out at the gate for delivery drivers to use.

I try to look at my mom's retirement investment account at least once a month. I must be hitting it on the good days, haha. I think at some point soon, she may go over 1 million dollars, in total. She is currently at $986k, counting that money and her other checking and savings accounts.

DH was texting with our guy who did our mason work. He's a southern guy, originally. He calls the virus "Cooties-19". I thought that was pretty good. I was telling DD that, and she said she called that CHAZ/CHOP area in Seattle "CHAD" - Capital Hill Autonomous Douchebags. She nailed that one. I went into our towns small grocery store yesterday to drop of something to mail UPS (returning the bank papers I had to sign that were delivered in above driveway story). I grabbed some strawberries and ice cream bars, while in there. Our town is majority older, retired folks. The store was pretty busy at the time (lunch hour) and out of all those older folks (me included, haha!) I saw only one wearing a mask. I think people around here are just over it. (we have never had a case in our county)


  1. You would think truck/van drivers would be able to figure these things out for themselves wouldn't you - I mean, that is part of their job! I bet your DH was hoppin'!

    1. and it was still completely light outside, so it's not like it was getting dark and he couldn't see what was what with our driveway and parking areas.

  2. I hate to get choked over minor things. It is not like i swallow a chunk of meat. One grain of rice can cause me major problems. I hope your husband takes pictures of the tire marks. There is no excuse for what the driver did. Sometimes, Tommy just wants to use a yard to turn around. I yell at him and tell him to stay off the lawn and in the driveway! No, he is not a driver, just clueless that folk might care.

    1. One rime years ago we had someone just drive right across our lawn! she went down a couple houses away. I followed her down the road and yelled at her, LOL. DH thinks people can't be that stupid and clueless, but they are.