Friday, July 24, 2020


It seems that not making a goal is working out better for me in regards to MTurks. Who knew? LOL. At the beginning of the year I had a goal of $8 a day (to try and get to around $3000 for the year). I took a month or so off, but got back to it this week. Just logging in when I sit down at my desk in the morning and doing what I can do througout the workday, even if it only turns out not to be much. Only I've been averaging around $15 a day. I think when I had the goal of $8, once I hit it, I didn't try too hard the rest of the day. But, then there'd be some days where I couldn't get past a few dollars, so then I'd be frustrated I wasn't making my goal overall, for the week. And then there are days that I just am not in the mood for it.

I've had to laugh at my mom the past couple of days. Pretty soon I'm going to have to wait and have her call me when she's not busy, LOL. Wednesday she did 2 activities. Yesterday she also did 2 activities and it was her day to have meals in dining room and she went down for all 3 meals, even breakfast! (not to mention she actually remembered it was her day to eat in the dining room). I'm going to go visit her tomorrow for a couple of hours. She even said that she knows with me working all week and stuff to do around the house on weekends, that she doesn't expect me to come every weekend.

I just read where it sounds like another stimulus payment of $1200 will get approved soon. I also read where Trump wanted to also include a payroll tax cut, but it doesn't sound like that will happen. That would have been nice for a little break - a big chunk of my check goes to payroll taxes, LOL. Especially since I'm like 99% sure we won't be getting any bonus from my company this year, as well as no raises (though a few got in a raise just before all this crap hit, lucky them!).  The PPP money both my company and side job received do not have to be paid back now, apparently.

DH got stung by a bee yesterday. It's been a long time since I got stung by one, but I remember it hurt! I told him to take a benadryl, but of course he doesn't listen. Not like I don't have a ton of "benadryl" with taking all of my mom's Tylenol PM away, LOL. To be honest, the past week or so I'm not sure if she's been having very many of her mornings where she doesn't feel well because I have been calling her in the afternoon and not the morning. There's no point in asking her if she felt ok in the morning, because she usually has forgotten about it by afternoon, if she had. Obviously yesterday she felt fine, as she went down for breakfast. And the morning she doesn't feel well.....well, she thinks it's never happened before LOL. Her usual response after she tells me she's not feeling well is "well, it's weird...I just don't feel well", obviously not remembering it happens ALL the time.

Well, I'd better get busy this morning and finish up my online grocery order so I can make sure a time slot is available tomorrow after I visit my mom. Last time I waited too long and had to change my visit time to her by 2 hours.


  1. My goodness! Maybe she is "recovering" her former self.

    1. hopefully at least a little. I think once she starts getting involved more and more she'll do better.