Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Trying to get everything done

I walked down to the mailboxes yesterday afternoon and what a pleasant surprise. They were all (3 of them) decorated for Christmas! So cute. I figured it was probably done by our immediate next door neighbors (and not the ones building down on the last lot) as she likes to decorate, so I walked over and knocked on her door and asked. It was her. I said I love it! Then she asked us if we were going to be home for Christmas and if we weren't doing anything, they'd like us to come over for brunch on Christmas morning. That will be really nice and so nice of them to ask. They are nice company to visit with. I need to figure out a little gift to take with us.

I was thinking of sending SIL and her husband some Harry & Davids gift but hadn't pulled the trigger yet because the free shipping code I had found didn't work. I just decided to send them a gift and also have some of the box of pears sent here, so I can take those with us to our Christmas brunch at neighbors. Total for both came to $82. The free shipping code worked this time, saving almost $24 in shipping. For some reason my ebates didn't pop up to activate savings, so I checked to see if they offer any cash back and it's a nice 7%, so $5.74 will be back from that, and I put it on my rewards credit card, so another 2% back, too. 

The other evening SIL messaged me asking if I had an instapot and said she thought they sounded like a glorified crock pot. I told her I did not, but DD has one she uses pretty regularly, but I figured it would end up another appliance I didn't use. And then I said I had thought about getting a toaster oven for the shop living, but knew I wouldn't use it after the house is done, so I didn't get one. So, what shows up today as a gift from FIL/MIL? Yep, a toaster oven. LOL. Looks like a nice one and the size I would have wanted if I had bought one. It's an Oster Convection toaster oven. Will do a 12 inch pizza. Yay. We get to have pizza for dinners now too. Plus it will hold a good sized casserole dish. I'm sure I will really enjoy having it, even though I'll probably never use it again once we move into the house. Plus, I have no idea where I'm even going to put it here in the shop, LOL. The counter space I have is full. Time to rearrange some more I guess.

DH got the date wrong on the gas company coming to dig the gas line from tank to house. It's tomorrow. Then the gas fireplace people called and said they are going to come tomorrow instead of today.  So, it's not quite as hectic here today, just framers putting up the rest of the siding and the electricians.

I feel like I might be getting a little cold. Had a headache all day yesterday, then last night a bit of a scratchy throat, which I still have this morning. I didn't sleep well, but at least the headache is gone.

We didn't get the snow predicted last night - just rain and freezing rain this morning. But it's 41 degrees now and the ice has melted. They sure do not do a good job in predicting the weather for this area. It's rarely right, other than the temperature. And with this warm up, the painter crew returned today, so that is good. She still has some trim to finish and stain the front porch vertical beams, now that they have been set. I think she is also the one that does the caulking all around windows, etc. I just looked outside, it's 41, sunny and lightly raining/snow sideways LOL


  1. I absolutely love my toaster oven, it is a Breville. Rarely do I use my large oven except for things like cookies and some cakes. Depnding on size, you might have to get 9 x 13 pans without the end “wings” as those will not fit in mine, but at BBB they have the gold tone nonstick bakeware that fits and is wonderful. Hope you will love it as I do mine. I also just got a Instapot.......have not tried it yet.....will wait until after the holidays. They have great sales on those this time of year. My Christmas present to me.

    1. that's what I read on some of the reviews of this toaster oven, that a 9x13 pan without the handles will fit. I'm anxious now to go grocery shopping and get some food for things I can bake in it now.

  2. You will enjoy having the toaster oven. I think you will still use it when the house is finished. I use mine all the time. You can avoid having to turn on the oven sometimes.

    1. it seems like a nice one that I received. A good size, so maybe it will come in handy to use. I just won't have a lot of counter top space in my new kitchen, so it's going to have to store in my pantry.