Thursday, December 13, 2018

Cookies and dancing

I had some leftover tub chocolate chip cookie dough in the fridge, so decided to try out my new toaster oven and use up the cookie dough (and get that big tub out of my tiny fridge!). I didn't have a cookie sheet and had to use the broiler pan that comes with the oven. It seemed to cook them very fast and more on the outside than inside. But, maybe it's because of the broiler pan, I don't know. I tried it with the convection oven on, which was quicker. I tried it just "oven" and switched the tray position. They weren't the best, but everyone working out on the house scarfed them down and didn't say no to the second batch :)

DH has been video and picture taking this whole build process. He uses his cell phone, his ipad, my ipad, his drone, LOL.  He likes to set up the ipad's on time lapse while they are working. When the electricians got to working on Monday and we were doing our walk thru with 2 of them, DH told them he does this. I laughed and said "can you dance?" (because the concrete kid had done his funny dance for the video).  Last night DH was uploading his stuff to his computer and watching some of the time lapse from yesterday. One of the electrician guys was up in the bonus room, working by himself (and they had radio going). It's of course in speed up mode, because of the time lapse, but you see him working, moving from can light to can light and then really quickly he's in the middle of the room doing a dance! LOL Love it! DH said he will be able to slow the video down some, when he puts it in his movie maker program, so then we'll be able to see his dance moves better. So cute.

I'm getting my ebates cash back balance built up. It's now up to $24.12. I just wish they paid more than once a quarter. I have to wait until February for the next payment. I think, overall, it has paid more than shopping through Swagbucks.

My company is paying out the second half of this years bonus's. It is kind of a weird end to our year, sales wise, since we dropped our huge manufacturer last month and started with a different, smaller one. So, while we did not make our gross sales goal, we did increase our profit margin over last year, so they are calling it a win. Plus, it really wasn't fair to everyone to base the year's sales quota to include the big mfg and then to decide to drop them. Anyway, I should be seeing my check in the next few days.

It doesn't sound like FIL is doing to well at home, which is what everyone was afraid of. SIL told DH last night he was filling out DNR paperwork. I don't blame him. My dad had that filled out too. He did not want to be kept alive by machines. I'm sure he's just going to end up back in the hospital soon and SIL will be dealing with where to put MIL all over again.


  1. Ah, your timely post. Just yesterday I faxed signed paperwork to make my dad a DNR. I've done CPR on elderly patients and the outcome is never pretty. Ribs are broken and even if the patient is revived, they don't bounce back. We have also made the decision to move my dad to assisted living right after the holidays. Eldercare is no picnic. :(

    1. I'm not so sure I want to live that long! it's just so many years of medicine keeping you alive but not much quality of life, at some point. How is you dad doing with the decision? DH talked to his mom for a minute the other night. Apparently now that they are back home (after 6 weeks) she thinks they have moved to a new house!

    2. I don't think my dad fully comprehends what is happening. My sister has been taking him to the unit he will be on, but to him, he is just visiting. My dad's condo is detached, but within easy walking distance of "The Big House" and he often went there to visit friends, go to exercise class or other activities, etc. The place is huge and I always get lost when I go there. My dad on the other hand, knows the entire building...including all the different codes to the various units. I strongly suggested to avoid having a potential escapee, that they change the code on the unit he will be on. Lol This move will be interesting!

      Too funny about your MIL thinking they moved to a new house. Oh, the challenges of the elderly! I sure hope that your SIL acts sooner than later in getting your in-laws the help that they most certainly need.

    3. that is great that it will all still be somewhat of a familiar place to him. I'm sure that will help with the transition.