Sunday, December 9, 2018

The usual weekend stuff

The last couple of days my computer has been making a funny noise with the fan. Ugh. I know this computer is getting up there in age, and I know work will buy me a new one, when necessary, but I don't want to have to deal with that, too, right now. DH suggested it probably needs a good blowing out of dust, so he did that this morning and all seems well now.

We've been having a problem with our shop bathroom fan not getting the moisture from our showers out. The window is all fogged up and takes forever to clear. Well, DH did some looking and apparently the vent wasn't opening to the outside when the fan was turned on. Hopefully that is fixed now. I'm tired of him yelling at me that I'm not leaving fan on long enough or not leaving the window open a crack long enough! Or then he's yelling at me this morning because I left the fan on, still for a little while, after I was done in the bathroom - he's saying "leaving the fan on just draws the moisture in" Huh? I thought the whole point of a fan was to pull the moisture out! I gave up trying to talk to him about it.

Friday, the HVAC guy showed up. 3 guys, in about 5 hours, got the venting all roughed in. Now the electrician can come on Monday and get started. The HVAC guy is friend of good friend, and also the guy used to own an insulation business and had done our shop at our house we just sold, in town, so DH feels really comfortable with him and his advice.  He said not to worry at all about the mold in the foundation crawl space. Once our contractor mitigates it, it will all be fine and no worries, so I think that helped DH calm down about it.

It's warmed up. 34 degrees instead of 5! I'll take it. Though now they are predicting snow again. So far, they have been pretty wrong about the snow predictions, so am hoping it will hold off a little longer, still. We do not have anything to plow our driveway with! The original plan had been that this house would be done by late Fall, at the latest, we'd be done with our little dump trailer, sell it, and use that money for something to plow with. We're going to have to figure out something soon. Though again, a lot of it, I think is DH over reacting a bit. We could just hire someone local to come in and plow it out, when it snows. Probably cheaper that way!

My in-laws are supposed to be going home tomorrow. Hopefully it will all go well. I'm sure they are both ready to get back to their own home. I just asked SIL what would be a good gift for them as I have no idea. She said they like Applebee's, which is just down the road, and they can order and do a curbside pick up, so that is what I just ordered via Amazon, and it will come to them in a gift bag. I still need to send my SIL/BIL something. Was going to do Harry & Davids again (we did that 2 years ago), but dang, their shipping is so expensive! We'll see. I'm still thinking about it.

We totally just vegged out yesterday. I took a nap. Then around 4pm DH suggested going out to eat. Neither of us was really hungry for a big dinner, at the nice restaurant we like, so I said, well the drive thru burger place is 20 miles one way and the nice restaurant is 20 miles the other direction, so let's just do the burger place. Then the dogs can ride with us, and get their bacon, from the nice drive thru lady. Plus it was about half the cost of the steakhouse. Then DH ended up taking a nap from 6pm to almost 8pm. Then he wondered why he couldn't sleep last night.

This afternoon DH has been outside, doing what I do not know. Still organizing all the stuff that is getting put inside the (still no doors) garage on the house. Now it's got a bunch of boxes from the Hvac guy. Hvac guy also said I do not have to have a downdraft stove top if I don't want. He doesn't think it will be an issue. My issue with too much smoke from cooking (setting off fire alarm!) isn't from using the stove top, it's when I use the broiler in the oven and the oven will be an in wall unit, so can't vent that anyway. Those down draft stove tops were like $1000+ more than a regular stove top, so I'm glad to be saving that money, for sure. Especially since we will be needing to also purchase a washing machine.


  1. It has got to feel exciting to walk through your new house and see the progress being made! I hope all goes well with your in-laws. I was curious if you were going to keep an additional washer/dryer once you get moved out of the shop.

    1. yes, we put w/d hookup in the shop bathroom so DH could have it to wash rags,dirty coveralls, etc.