Friday, December 14, 2018

It's a sad day

Twice this morning one of the neighbor dogs (they have a big huge fenced in area and a doggie door into the house) has let out the longest, saddest howling I have ever heard. Oh my! I texted our neighbor telling her I was just checking to make sure everyone was ok, as he was sounding so sad and he's never done that before.  She texted back that she was in the city at the vet with one of the other dogs, so he apparently is lonely!  Too funny.

Another busy day with subs here. Hvac is back, two framers are here finishing up siding,  Electricians are still here. Originally they said if they didn't get done Thursday, they couldn't come on Friday, so would be back Monday, but they are here today.

Yesterday the gas fireplace got installed. Don't really have a pic of it, as they covered it with cardboard. The final amount for it ended up being a little less, as there wasn't as much venting to install as they anticipated Here is an image the Fireplace lady had sent me when we were trying to decide on log style. This fireplace, but of course, ours will be surrounded by stone and a mantel.

The gas line to the house got dug, installed and backfilled yesterday. They were backfilling in the dark, with the excavator lights on, but they got it done. I suppose if they would have gotten here before 11am they wouldn't have been working in the dark, LOL.

I think we are going out to dinner tomorrow night with our old neighbors from town. That will be fun. Haven't seen them in awhile.

DH talked to his dad again last night. He is still not feeling well or getting better, so it won't surprise me if he ends up back in the hospital. I don't know how in the world he is caring for MIL if he doesn't feel well. DH talked to his mom on the phone for a minute (that's about all she will talk). Now that they are back in their home (after being gone about 6 weeks) MIL thinks they have moved into a new house. Kind of sad, really. All this time the main reason FIL gives that they don't want to sell it and move is because "mom wants to live in her house" and she really doesn't even know what is her house anymore.

Well, that's all I've got today. The office is having their holiday meeting/lunch and closing at noon, but I'm just going to keep working a full day, here at home. It's the least I can do, since I am so blessed to be able to work from home and so far away from the office.


  1. Oh goodness. When I read your post title I thought for sure something had happened with your in-laws. I think your fireplace will be beautiful. Can't wait to see the finished result.

    In years to come, you will think back and get a chuckle out of your MIL thinking she was in a new house. In the last year of my mom's life, she was fearful of leaving the nursing home because she was convinced they wouldn't let her back in. With my FIL, we now joke about free juice. Everytime we went to see him he would point out the juice machine and say we could have all the free juice we wanted. Little did he seem to understand that the free juice came from the hefty price of him living there. Lol

    1. this is normally the happiest goofiest dog so we figured something was bothering him, LOL. Yes, we did get a bit of a chuckle of out MIL. When my grandma first moved into her assisted living little apartment she hated it from day one. My mom and I were like dang, this is nice and someone cooks and cleans for you! It was looking good to us, haha.

  2. My dad had alzheimers and I remember him getting REALLY distressed one time because "we had missed the exit for the Birmingham road" (where we grew up) and they had moved to Dorset 20 years earlier. Poor old duck.

    And I love that fireplace. So pretty. But your comment about the mantel brought back a funny memory. Although they were both raised in France we spoke English at home so my kids are totally bilingual. No noticeable accent in either language. But one time when my youngest was about 10 I told him to grab something off the mantel. He went into the house, came back out a few minutes later and said "mommy, what's a mantel?" A Welsh friend's little daughter was going to a restaurant bathroom when my friend told her to "remember to pull the chain". There haven't been "chain-pull" toilets for years!

    1. My grandpa had Alzheimers, too. It's sad to see them lose their memories, but still have some old ones.