Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Lots of progress, still lots to do

The electrician showed up yesterday morning and got to work. Super nice guys. This is not the same electrician who finished our shop (after our first electrician died), because they were way too expensive. We actually had not met this guy, because he had given us a bid via email. He brought 3 guys with him and they worked all day. We did a walk through with the owner and another guy, to decide on how many lights, where to put some of the outlets and wall switches, phone lines, etc. They said we were easy to work with, haha.  They also were both good at making suggestions, which was helpful. They expect to have the rough in done by Thursday, if not, they will be back on Monday to finish it up.

A friend from town stopped by to say hi. I just love him. He's the retired (who works all the time, LOL) guy who cut up our trees into lumber for us, as well as lent us his trailer when we moved. He's just a happy guy, who enjoys life.

This morning the electricians showed back up around 8am. The plumber is back, because they forgot to rough in our little half bath downstairs! Our contractor finally sent someone out to get the mold in the foundation crawl space mitigated. He brought 2 "fog machines" that will do some part of it by killing the mold and getting rid of the smell. Then they will spray down with bleach, I guess. Apparently this mold issue is happening in just about every house being built, all the contractors and subs are saying. Supposedly something to do with the glue being used in the flooring boards.

Tomorrow sounds like another busy day. The propane company is coming to dig a ditch (about the last chance to do it before the ground gets too frozen) so they can run the propane to the house. Our hvac guy ended up recommending an electric furnace (with our heat pump) so now the only thing that the propane will be used for in the house is the gas fireplace and a hot water heater. Two of the framing crew is supposed to be back, getting back to work to finish siding the dormers. The framer has decided to wait to build our inside staircase until the drywall is done, because they make such a mess. The fireplace people are supposed to come too, to get that venting installed.

I'm still trying to decide if I want just a soaker tub or a jacuzzi type. Quite a price difference and honestly, I think I probably wouldn't use the jets much. I like peace and quiet when I am soaking in the tub, not noisy bubbles, even though I am sure, at times, that would feel nice.

Last night I tried making chicken fried steak for dinner. Ack - it's just too messy to try to make a real meal, with out a sink right nearby. Back to soup and microwave food! Plus, I had to use a canned gravy I could just heat up in the microwave, since I only have one hot plate, and it didn't taste very good.

My in-laws went home yesterday, after over 6 weeks away from home, either in the hospital or the rehab care facility. Not sure that is a good thing. Apparently they were ready to release MIL, but still wanted FIL to stay in a bit longer to finish clearing up his pneumonia, but he insisted he was going home. I guess we'll see how it goes. I guess when SIL was texting DH about it, she was being pretty bitchy about it (understood). Then she called later in the evening and said her husband told her she was being a bit too bitchy to her brother, so she called to apologize.

We sent a Christmas gift (that we bought just after Christmas last year at a gift shop) to our friend who is struggling with the cheating DH.  She received it yesterday and was happy. She loves Christmas decor, so we had gotten her something. She finally got tough a week or so ago and told him she was filing for divorce (her therapist recommended this). Well, now, for the 3rd time since all this started last summer, he's left his girlfriend (who is 24 years younger than him) and trying to get back together with our friend/his wife. I feel so bad for her. He just keeps jerking her around. Comes back to her, professes his undying love and then a week or 10 days later tells her he can't stand her and he misses his girlfriend. I can't even imagine wanting him back, but she does.

I woke up with a headache this morning that I can't seem to shake. I've even taken some ibuprofen, but it hasn't helped. My boss has been so busy with the changes at work to repping a big new line, that I am trying not to email her unless it's absolutely necessary, because she doesn't have time to respond. A couple of weeks ago I knew we had a little annual spreadsheet due to our payroll company, so I did it up and emailed it to her (sometimes she does it, sometimes I do) a little in advance, knowing she probably won't have time to do it. She emailed me yesterday asking if I could do it, before I could reply that I already did, she sent another email "LOL - I see you already did this! I'm behind 2 weeks on emails". I replied back - have you gotten to my email requesting two days off after Christmas yet? I  might be back from the two days off before you get to it! LOL".


  1. Oh lordy I hope your friend with the cheating husband tells him to take a long walk off a short pier. Seriously. Tell him to go to hell! She is NOT plan B. Or is he worried about the "consequences" he will feel of divorce.

    1. Since he keeps ping ponging back and forth I think her counselor told her he needs to make a decision one way or the other and he thought pushing him with filing would do that. Maybe it did. I just have a feeling he's going to hurt her yet again.

  2. I'd probably go with a soaker tub, but then again, I'm not a tub kind of person. One thing I would do (if it isn't too late) is make sure your shower is "handicap size". When I worked as a visiting nurse, bathing accessability was often a major issue...and this isn't always just an elder care issue. When I broke my ankle three years ago I was so thankful to have a shower (with a seat) that I could easily get in and out of.

    I'm sure your friend appreciated your thoughtfulness. I hope she gets her head on straight and kicks her cheating husband to the curb. A person like him is unlikely to change his ways.

    1. yes, it's a huge shower :) All the main floor is set up for handicap living. All main floor living with wide doors. Zero step into garage.