Saturday, December 22, 2018

The 2018 extra income recap

I just added up my "extra" income for the year. Right around $1200. Not bad for not doing a whole bunch. Some of it was completely passive.

Debit card rewards: $132.92.  This is down from previous years, because earlier in the year I got a credit card with 2% rewards, so I use that as much as possible, rather than my 1% rewards debit card.

Credit card rewards: $506.22. This might be higher than what would be normal, because of being able to charge some house build things on it (and then get it back via our construction loan draw). But, I also did not have this card all year. I don't think I got it until like April.

Google adsense (from this little blog): $237

M-Turks: $325.79

I also earned like $9 from ebates and something from Swagbucks, but I don't know how much for this, as I closed the account out a few months ago. I also earned $24 from ebates this past quarter, but I guess I won't see that money until February.

All in all, not too shabby. I could definitely be doing more with M-Turks. I think once we get moved into the house and settled in my office, I'll be able to focus as bit more on that. I'll try to do some during my lunch break, but DH is constantly in and out of the shop here, all day long, this question or that question, or just to tell me something, or he's texting me from outside about something. I seem to get distracted from it, whenever I'm trying to get the survey's done.


  1. I read your blog faithfully, and I REALLY enjoy it! You guys have come SO FAR in the last few years financially. The setting of your new home seems exceptional, and I would love to continue to see more pictures! I an not sure if maybe you don't post them due to privacy, but I am sure everyone who reads would really enjoy seeing all of the awesome details! Thank you again for sharing your blog!

    1. Thanks for the kind words! I'll try to get some more pics posted. It just seems like (to me anyway) that not a lot has changed on it, since the last pic (where it was almost finished sided). And the pics of electrical wiring and insulation seem pretty unexciting, haha!