Friday, March 9, 2018

The wait is over

Alrighty! The appraisal is now in. It is a bit under for what we have into the land cost and improvements (by about $8,000) but close enough to work with. We really wanted to be able to include the costs of excavating and foundation for the house in this "part 1" of the building loan. Getting all the excavating and foundations done at the same time will save time and money, rather than having to get contractors "way out here" two different times. Thankfully, this appraisal gives us enough to do that

Our closing is set for the 20th. Now that we know we are actually going to build (!) we can get working on a couple of projects that we are paying for our self and need to get done before excavating starts. 1) get the downed trees cut up and out of the way. We have been keeping in contact with the guy who has the portable saw mill. He's just been waiting for it to warm up and snow to melt. Should be able to get to that very soon now. 2) Finish the rock retaining wall that will be below the back patio of the house. We already have most of the rock to do this, but will be getting a few more loads brought in. The equipment operator guy has been keeping in regular touch with DH, so they can start on this as soon as weather permits. He called yesterday and thinks they will be able to start next week. I think they are estimating it to take about 2-3 days of work to set the rocks. Not a huge job, but has to be done before excavating the house foundation.

DD has said they are looking at a wedding date of sometime mid year 2019. Oh Thank God! I told DH and he said the exact same thing. Whew. That time frame I can deal with. She also said at this time they are leaning toward a very small private ceremony with family and a few closest friends, a reception for all their family and friends, and spend more on their honeymoon, than a big fancy wedding. That definitely seems her style.

I finally feel like we now know what is going on with our life. This "we're going to build a house" has felt like we've been talking about it for 2 years trying to make it work. Now we're going to be busy Hopefully it goes as smooth as it all can. Let the fun begin. Eeeek!


  1. Such good news! Happy for you and eager to see your house get started!

  2. I am so eager to get started and see some progress. It's all just envisioned in my head (and on paper) and it will be exciting to see actually happen.

  3. Now life is going to get crazy. It will all be worth it. Your daughter is smart. This is all exciting!

    1. it's going to be super crazy for the next year. Glad we've pretty much had the past year and a half to relax after the craziness of getting moved over here. Ready for the final round!

  4. Congratulations! That is exciting news!