Wednesday, March 28, 2018

DD and her job

My DD got her annual review at work today. Such a strange company. They are part of a large corporation with HQ back east. Just as last year, she gets her review, but now has to wait months to see what type of raise (if any) she will be getting. Just really dumb. Apparently the manager has to send the review to corporate office and they decided salary. Ok, fine, but why not just do all that first and then do the employee review when you can then say "you exceed our expectations (that's what they told her today) and here is your new salary". So, she got this great review with a promise (that's been months already) that they are still trying to get her bumped up to a Buyer 2 position. How the hell long does it take to decide? She's been there almost 2 years now. I told her even if she takes a different job that pays about the same it will probably be at least a better place to work - morale, atmosphere, and benefits wise. and probably better chance to move forward in salary.

If an employer said to me ok here's your review and now you'll wait until July or August to see what we decide to give you as a raise, I'd probably be looking for a new job for sure. I don't like feeling like I'm getting jacked around, which is sure how it seems they treat their employees. She said one of her co-workers finally told the boss the other day he wants a raise and a timeline for it.

Last week they decided to stop the 4/10's one week a month "perk" they just started offering this year....then at the end of the week decided to keep it. Worked out for DD, as she had been planning to have Monday off this week and then work 4/10's. Otherwise she was going to have to use her vacation time to take Monday off.

They hired a new Buyer 2....and guess who got to train her?! DD....still a buyer 1.....


  1. If she is so good that she can train, she should get a raise along with the new responsibility. She should ask if a raise comes with this new responsibility.

    1. She's been telling them for almost 2 months now she wants to be promoted to a Buyer2 position and her boss keeps telling her they are "working on it" with corp office.

    2. If she is not good enough or experienced enough, how can she train someone for that position? (rhetorical) I would think I was not going to get the job if I had to train someone for a position above mine.

    3. I guess one of her coworkers that is a buyer 2 and has been there for years had his review today and told DD that in his review he told the boss he better make sure he does what it takes to keep DD and another guy because those 2 are the only one's he trusts right now to get stuff done right. Nice of him to stick up for them like that.

    4. That's nice to know that she is trusted to do good work.