Monday, March 12, 2018

Easing into Monday

One of the questions our lender asked me a few weeks ago was if we had any flood plain paperwork for our land. She wanted something showing elevations. No, sorry we were never given anything like that. I explained we are high bank property, like at least 100 ft above the river. She said don't worry about it, the insurance company will figure it out (I guess to determine if we need flood insurance). I did some research online, just out of curiosity to see if I could find what "zone" we are in. I couldn't figure it out.  When the appraiser was out, DH mentioned about lender asking for this info. He looked down at the river and said "if it floods up here we are ALL screwed" LOL. Very true. Anyway, in looking over his appraisal report I see we are recorded as in flood zone X. Meaning no worries, no flood insurance needed.

DH got his scrap boards cut up yesterday in the nice warm sun. He cut some 2x4's and such into smaller "strips" that he will use to put between all the lumber we will cut out of the trees on our property. That way they are spaced out some from each other, and help dry faster.

I was reading an article from the big newspaper in the city about housing prices there. They just keep going up. They are blaming it on people like me. LOL. People who don't rely on "local" income. They are people moving to the area that are either retired, have passive income, or telecommute. They are driving the housing prices up and there just isn't the supply and the new building isn't keeping up with it yet. But then in another sentence they say less than 10% of the homebuyers are these types of people. There was one statistic that said in all of 2017 there were only 9 single family homes for sale that were priced under $200,000 (which is more in line with the wages around here), but 5,000 looking to buy in 2017.

That has to help us, for our house value, even out here, 55 miles away. It's a 45 minute commute to the city from here (because the freeway speed limit is 80, LOL). Some people do it. And the more people can't find, nor afford, the prices in the city, they will make their way out here. The  house in town our realtor sold last summer was to a commuter to the city. They could get our house for in the low $200k range. Hopefully it means our house will sell fast. Plus our realtor is from the city - most of his customers are in the city. He'll know how to market us out here. The realtor we have here in town is terrible. No wonder all their stuff stays on the market for ever. You should see the photos they take for the listing. They look like a 10 year old took them. Plus, our house will be spotless and look almost staged, which always helps. We always look online at houses for sale in the area. I'm always amazed at the condition people will leave their house in while trying to sell.

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