Saturday, March 10, 2018

Cleaning up

DH got a call this morning from the equipment operator guy (he also snow plows logging roads as one of his various jobs). He wanted to go plow out the road to the rock quarry, so the dump truck guy can get back there next week to get us the few more loads of rock we will need. The snow is melting a lot around here. Other than where it's been plowed into piles, it's all melted here in town. We can see our lawn again. DH got ready (and dressed warm, it's still only 29 degrees out this morning) and went to meet him out there. While he's doing that DH is going to see if he can find any flat type rocks that would be good to make steps with. At the back rock retaining wall he wants to add some natural stone steps down to our lower back yard, so is hoping to find enough big flat type rocks.

I'm home getting some laundry done - washing sheets and blankets. Enjoying the quiet me time, while I can. I messaged with DD a bit first thing this morning. She's still on cloud 9, of course. Today they are doing homeowner stuff - pressure washing their driveway and going to pick up some applewood for their smoker. Found a good deal on Craigslist. They will get a whole little trailer load, for cheap, rather than buying the $15 small bags at Lowes.

I'm going to work on this big area of carpet stain in the area between our living room and dining room. I noticed a big stain (but light in color) when we moved in, but it's just gradually gotten way worse. I have no idea why. I used some carpet cleaner spray on it last summer and it helped for a bit and then got worse again. It's nothing our dogs are doing, plus it was there prior to us moving in. I have one of those Bissell Little Green machines. I bought it several years ago, thinking I was going to use it all the time. I've used it once! (thankfully it was a BlackFriday 1/2 price deal, so I didn't pay full price for it). I've pulled it out of the closet and going to give it a go on the big stained area. Of course I couldn't find the instruction manual for it, but I was able to find it on google. I've given it a go at it. Hard to tell so far if it helped, since the area is still wet. I might have to do it a couple of times.  The cleaning solution bottle that came with it is 8 oz. The instructions say to use 2 ounces/2 capfuls. Well, I don't think a capful is one ounce! I should have used a quarter of the bottle the first time and then another quarter this time. There's still more than half the bottle left, for sure. (and I put 3 capfuls in this time).

I just cleaned out the tank on the machine that sucks the water and cleaning solution back up. It was almost black! so obviously there is some dark whatever in that stain. Ewww. I'm going to let it dry a bit and then work on it some more with some new hot water and more solution. 

This is the area, after cleaning and still wet. But really, that's about what it's been looking like before I did it! Let's hope once it dries it looks better.
I just know when we moved in it wasn't that noticeable. You could see the stained area a little, but not like it is now. The previous owners must have really cleaned it before they moved. I'm just not sure why it keeps getting worse. It's a mystery! If anyone has any tips on how to get rid of these stains, I'm all ears! I want this gone! There is one small spot in our living room that I know is caused by one of our dogs. He always takes his kong there to get the treat out and slobbers and drools. I also cleaned that spot, so I'm anxious to see if that is better.


  1. My friend bought 40 houses in the last three years and is now an expert on everything. Just kidding. He has learned a lot. He said now he puts in carpet pad upside down. It seems you can clean the carpet, but the pad stays stained and comes back through to the carpet. Now, I would not install the pad upside down, but that is his solution to the pad getting stained. I hope you took pictures or mentioned this before you moved in. Or, maybe you should clean it like crazy before you move out. I hear stains come back, and now I know why after talking to my friend.

    1. The carpet pad has a moisture barrier that must be down, My friend reverses the pad. I cannot imagine the damage he causes, but he doesn't care.

    2. I'll bet you are exactly right! The stain was very light, hardly noticeable when we moved in. It was after I got my new Dyson vacuum that the stain got really worse.....probably because the vacuum is doing such a good job of suction, it's suctioning up the stain right up into the carpet! I never thought of that. I realized I didn't put enough cleaning solution in with the water, so I am going to do it again today. It does look a bit better after yesterday.