Thursday, March 30, 2017

What's on my bookshelf this week

The library app I use for downloading e-books calls my downloaded books my "bookshelf". At any given time I usually have 2-3 books on my bookshelf. One I am currently reading and two waiting to be read. They can be borrowed for up to 21 days and since I can usually finish most books in a few days to a week (sometimes two days, if it's a shorter book) I like to have another one waiting. Plus, most times I have to wait for it to be available and then download when it does.

The book I am currently reading is called The Orenda.  I am loving this book so far. I'm only about 1/3 of the way into it, but find it a hauntingly, beautiful story.  It's set in what will become Canada in the early 17th century. Told from the perspective of the 3 main characters, an Indian warrior, an Indian girl (from a different tribe) and a Jesuit priest.

Waiting on my bookshelf is Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I haven't read very many classics and it may become one of my book club reads, so will give it a try.

The rest of the books I want to read are still on my "on hold" list and haven't become available yet to add to my bookshelf. I have quite a few reserved. That way, usually something becomes available often and I'm never without something to read. You just never know how long a wait it will be. And it's a hobby that I can spend hours a week on, for free.


  1. I have a dreadful commute (minimum 3 hours a day) but I eased my stress a few years ago by going Park and Ride at the Franco/Swiss border. And while I hate the commute I do get to read on the bus for at least 90 minutes a day. Thank God I'm a reader is all I can say. And at the moment I seem to be reading one great book after another but I'm always looking for recommendations! Anna

    1. that is a very dreadful commute! that's about what I had before we moved (but I only had to do it 2 or 3 days a week). I thanked god for audio books then LOL. I seem to be finding a lot of good books to read lately too.