Wednesday, March 29, 2017

No cooking tonight

I got lucky again, and DH is out of the house all day today! What are the odds that would happen two times in the last 5 days? :)

His wealthy friend called him yesterday. He bought some expensive muscle car a couple of months ago. Only it's in another state! He's been waiting for the weather to get better to go and get it. He called DH to see if he was busy and would he want to drive over there with him so he can get his new car and DH can drive back the truck they drove over in. It's going to be a long day for him. A 7+ hour drive each way and they left at 5am.

So, I'm also a bit sleepy today. The alarm went off at 4:10. I did get up and make DH and egg muffin sandwich to take with him and then went back to bed. I didn't fall asleep right away and then when I did wake up it was a half hour later than I normally get up. 

DH said they should be back around 8pm (now it's sounds like 9pm), so he would just have me pick him up when they get back to friends place. It's only about 20 minutes away, but will be dark by then and they live on this long dirt road and then once you turn onto their ranch there are like 3 different driveways (there are 3 houses on the property) that you can't really tell which house they go to. I'm sure I'll end up taking the wrong one! Hopefully it will still be a little light out and I can see a bit.  I think I'm going to look at their place on google maps again, just to make sure I'm taking the right dirt road, in the first place. Regardless, it's not like you can get the 3 houses mixed up once you get to them - 2 are "regular" little houses, the one they live in is a HUUUGEE log home. Kinda hard to miss, haha. Their garage is bigger than our whole house, including our garage. LOL  It's for sale, if anyone has 4.75 million laying around ;)

It's so quiet here today.  The dogs are being sleepy heads and have been napping most of the day. I think I'm most happy about not having to make dinner. I'm getting burned out on having less choices than we used to have and while I know I can change that by finding new recipes to try, I haven't yet made the effort. We did find a good one skillet frozen Bertolli meal that we really liked, but they don't carry it here at the town grocery store, so I can't get anymore until we next trip to the city. I'll have to be sure to buy several to have on hand. It's definitely something we'd eat once a week (a chicken marsala and potatoes dish). I think we might also give our little grocery store's deli counter a try. They have fried chicken and such. For tonight, I think I'll just make myself some french toast and a slice of ham. I have some delicious black forest ham left from when I made the pasta salad for book club. I've been heating up slices for lunch this week. I'm sorry, I just cannot eat anymore pasta salad! It makes a huge bowl of it and dh won't eat it.

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  1. With my DH traveling for a living, I eat a lot of meals on my own. Pros and cons in that I don't have to make anyone else happy, but oftentimes I don't even feel like cooking for myself!
    4.75 million...I'll go get my checkbook! Baha!