Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday finally

The new vacuum is ordered and I am done with the whole annoying decision/research process (my own doing LOL). Thank you for all your input. I went ahead and ordered a Dyson. I don't think it really matters what brand I would have gotten. I'm sure there are good things and bad things about every vacuum. Every vacuum I've ever owned pretty much mostly has bad annoying things about them. I ordered through Walmart online, so at least if I absolutely hate it I can return it to the store in person, if I choose.  I had to convert my Visa gift cards to Walmart gift cards, which turned out to be a hassle for one card (not sure why, but it finally worked after talking with customer service twice).

So, I saved $230 with gift cards, I had over $17 in Walmart Savings catcher gift card, earned about $16 in Swagbucks and almost $3 in cash back with my debit card. Plus, I still have $80 in Target gift cards. I will just use those on "regular" purchases, so that will be like saving another $80.

This has felt like a very long week. Glad Friday has arrived and a couple days break from work will soon be here. Not sure what we are doing this weekend. Nothing planned, though I do need to get into the city and pick up my cholesterol prescription. Road conditions should be fine now. It pretty much snowed all week, but kept melting off each day and now it's rain. Then we can stock up on groceries and supplies while we are there. We also just opened our last of the 3 bags of dog food we stocked up on last time, so need to get that either bought at the one store (Tractor Supply) in the city that carries it or ordered online soon (since last time it took almost a month to get here).

I'm hoping with a trip to the city DH will want to get the lumber to start on my next project!


  1. That made me laugh! Glad to know I'm not the only one who can't make up my mind! Happy to see you used Swagbucks to earn a few extra bucks too!

    1. I'm terrible. I over think purchases to death. Even small ones