Saturday, March 11, 2017

Always check

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a couple of magazine subscriptions. I follow a couple of coupon deal sites and it showed up there. Some popular magazines on sale and the two I wanted were only $5 each for a year. Now I'm on the email list for this magazine subscription company and last night I get an email that this weekend there are magazines up to 90% off! So, I take a peek and see one I'd like to try that I think both DH and I would enjoy: Family Handyman. It's on sale for $7.99 for the year. I decide to google "Family Handyman subscription" - just to see if it's cheaper somewhere else. Yes, it was only $7.......AT THE SAME WEBSITE!.  So, in one ad they had it for $7.99 and in another spot on their website it was only $7. Needless to say I bought it for $7.


  1. Don't you just love outsmarting them! Good job!

  2. Read the fine print carefully. I bought some like that and there was an automatic renewal unless I called in to cancel. The renewal cost was quite a bit more.

  3. Correction - the higher priced one was $8.99. Good tip Karen, I did make sure I "unchecked" the automatic renewal box when I placed both orders.