Friday, March 3, 2017

Decorating dilemnas

Awhile back I bought this wall clock for our living room wall over our antique mini piano.  I love it, but wish I had gotten one bigger. There just seems to be a bit too much space around it and I have been trying to decide what, if anything, to do there.

It doesn't look quite as bad in person as it seems to in a photo, but I just think I need to hang something on each side of the clock. Also, I can't remember now why we didn't center the piano, because I didn't have that chair there until recently. Hmm...I know I had a reason, but can't remember now. Maybe I did have a chair there (I also have an antique rocking chair) at first and then moved both into the living room seating area.

Anyhow, I've been thinking maybe something like this a-la Magnolia Market/Joanna Gaines style

something to take up a little of the wall space on each side, but not too overwhelming.

But, that piano there also has a piano bench full of old sheet music. I inherited that piano (I don't play) and the sheet music is from like the 1930's. Tons of it. I've often thought of framing a couple of pages of music and putting on each side. I'm kind of leaning towards doing that now, but that just created another dilemna - what kind of frames?

Should I do rustic type barnwood frames - to go along with the rustic theme I have going? Or should I do like black frames with the sheet music framed in a couple of matted colors, like a cream and also another black? Kind of go with the black and white (well the pages are yellowed now) of the pages and the black and white of the piano and keyboard,

My other wall space I'm trying to decide what to do with is in our master bedroom. It's a fairly small room. Our king sized sleigh bed barely fits. We were able to fit it, both nightstands and a small dresser in the room, as well as my cedar chest at the end of the bed. Thankfully the walk in closet is huge (but wish they would have made the bedroom bigger and it smaller) and we were able to put the big dresser that goes with our bedroom set inside the walk in closet.

But this big huge empty space is driving me nuts

The other side has a window and a large picture on it. I'm thinking this wall needs something wide and horizontal, maybe several pictures across? but I'm used to hanging stuff where there is some piece of furniture below it to sort of anchor the art. Just sorta hanging there with nothing below it seems weird to me. I don't like walls where people put up a whole bunch of pictures to fill up the big space - too busy for me.

I really like this windmill wall art, but again, would it look strange just hanging on the wall with no furniture piece below it?

At this point I'm kind of leaning towards something like this on the large blank wall and those little metal planters on the wall above each night stand.

But then last night I saw this on Pinterest and really like it alot

but with less books and a few photos. But, then I either have to actually find an old ladder or have DH make me one.....and neither of those will probably happen real soon.


  1. I'm a minimalist when it comes to wall decor, so I think the clock looks great they way it is! I also LOVE the ladder idea. Easy to change things up if you get bored.

    1. Yes, I'm trying to find that balance between minimalism and stuff on the walls LOL. Too much stuff and I feel closed in and cluttered. I'm kind of leaning towards leaving it, or else something kind of small on each side.

  2. I think it looks nice by itself. The framed sheet music idea is neat, though. I might "borrow" it for our piano/drum area.

    1. thanks for the comment. Send me a picture if you do frame some!

  3. Remember decoupage? You could attach some bar boards together so that when you placed a piece of sheet music on them there would be a boarder around the sheet. Just attach the sheet with decoupage.

  4. I was just looking this up last night! Saw something on pinterest where they decoupaged sheet music (though it wasn't on boards) and was thinking the same thing as you! I have so much sheet music that if I had to practice a couple times to get it to look right, I can.