Wednesday, March 15, 2017

That is odd

Strange. I logged in my bank and PayPal (debit card) accounts this morning because it's pay day (and because I check my balances every morning to make sure there isn't some fraud charge). The past several days my Walmart order for the vacuum has been showing as pending on my PayPal account. Since it shipped yesterday I figured it would be showing up today as Completed (and then be transferring over to my regular checking it's linked to). But it's disappeared! Not even pending. That is so strange. I've never seen a transaction do that before. I'm sure it will show back up eventually. The vacuum is now supposed to show up Friday instead of Thursday (didn't I predict that?! LOL).

We've been trying to teach our old dog a "new trick". We basically have a rock garden in the back. There's a little concrete patio out the sliding doors, a little grass to the left and right and in front of that is a "rock garden" with big rocks. Past that is just plain gravel driveway type area in front of the shop. Well, for some reason he has decided that walking out in those big rocks (I have no idea why he likes this) is where he likes to do his business. DH goes outside everyday and scoops poop and it's just about impossible to scoop off of these rocks and he's getting mad. So instead of just complaining about it (like he does) I (as always) had to come up with the solution.

I pretty much know which trip outside is a poop trip (shortly after breakfast and dinner) so I just went outside with him. When he started to step into the rocks I told him no, leave it. I figured if he's smart enough that he was trained not to come into the kitchen, he can be trained not to go out in those rocks. Next couple of trips he went on the grass (or on the flat gravel area). A couple of times I watched out the office window and if he started to step onto the rocks I tapped the window and told him no and he walked away and did his business elsewhere. It's only been a few days, but I know he'll have it figured out pretty soon that the area is off limits.

I don't know why it is so hard for DH to just work on a solution! Same thing I had to do over the winter with our other active dog who loves to play fetch with a tennis ball. We have one of those chuck-it's and that is how he gets his daily exercise. Well, of course all the balls got lost in the snow and DH was getting so mad at the dog! Grousing and complaining. So, I ordered a red Kong frisbee for him. He loves it (thought not as much as tennis balls) and problem solved.  Our friends nearby has a tennis ball loving dog (he's almost the exact copy of our dog) and they decided to get the frisbee  and it worked well for their dog in the snow, too.


  1. One good thing about living in a snow dog poop in sight. Spring time on the other hand is another story. Yuck!

  2. My friend said his father trained the dog where to go by leading him on a leash to the spot for about a week. Then, the dog only went there. If a dog pooped on my big rocks, I would not be happy!

    My ex was the same way. All his solutions were anger or doing something that destroyed something in the process.

    1. He's easy to train and hasn't gone on the rocks since I started it. Yesterday I just watched him out the window and he didn't even think about going on the rocks.