Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The next project(s)

DH has been given (asked for) the next building project I would like. Oh boy! this one I'm super excited about. I have been wanting a sofa table. I've looked at quite a few online. They are $300-$500 (or more, of course) dollars, so needless to say, I haven't purchased anything.

I saw this one on Etsy via Pinterest
They want $550 for it. I showed it to DH. Could you possibly make me something like this? I don't have plans for this one (like I did the blanket ladder, which he didn't really use anyway) but maybe you can figure it out from the pictures (there's also one at another angle)? He says he can. So, he's in his "planning" stage. Which means he's thinking about it, what boards and sizes to use, drawing it out on paper, etc. We have lots of leftover walnut stain from the blanket ladders and that is the color I want it to be.

I'm thinking this wouldn't cost more than $75 to make, maybe a little more. WAY better than $550 (plus shipping). I know it won't look exactly like this, but that's ok. It'll be similar and that's the style I'm looking for. He's already said he wants to router a bit around the table top edge.

I'm hoping this happens sooner, rather than later. He needs a trip to the lumber store, which means a trip to the city.  Not sure when he's going to feel like doing that. We are going to the city Saturday afternoon/evening, for a dinner with friends, but won't be able to stop at lumber store, so it would have to be a separate trip.

He also has something he wants to make that's his idea. A shoe/boot bench for the laundry room. Something similar to this

Last night he was saying he's anxious to get started on these (it will keep him busy!). I mentioned that I still want a bookcase for the one empty wall in our living room/hallway area. He's decided to make that too. I showed him the one I planned to buy (at some point soon) and I think it's pretty basic and he said he could do something similar like this too
 I would be in heaven if he can make something like this and I don't have to pay full price for one! The store in the city I found this at (online) doesn't list a price, but I did a search online at other stores and it's around $300.


  1. Replies
    1. can you imagine the cost to ship? :) He's thinking these are going to be so heavy he's trying to figure out how he's going to carry them from the shop to the house, once complete LOL

  2. Have him start making things to sell! I'd much rather have a handmade piece of furniture than something mass produced. There is a market for this kind of thing.

    1. That would be awesome, but he's such a terrible businessman - he'd end up doing stuff for cost...or even free LOL.