Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday that feels like Monday

It was nice having yesterday off work. I think I needed another day LOL. Plus, I slept on my shoulder wrong or something and have a little pinched nerve going on up in my left shoulder. Blah!

We didn't do a whole lot yesterday. It's DH's laundry day, so he worked on that. I cleaned the bathrooms, then we drove out to our property to look around and let the dogs run around. DH has been wondering if a low area near the road along our property (it has a drainage thing) would be filled with water from the snow melt, but it was all dry.

Got back and read a book awhile and then got sleepy, so I took a nap on the couch. I think I was catching up from the busy weekend. Then I tried out my new vacuum (woohoo!) and made dinner.

I got a text from the neighbor lady at our property that she is planning to go to book club on Thursday and did I want her to pick me up and ride with her. It's being held at another's house in the next town over, so I'm glad she offered, since I would probably get lost.  Can't believe it's been a month already. I still need to figure out what I'm taking, but I think I'll try a pasta salad. I'll need to get to the store today or early tomorrow, then, and get ingredients.  And find a recipe!

I have been putting money aside the past few months into a "travel" savings sub account in my Capital One savings. I got that transferred over to my checking to cover our little trip (that's what it was for!). Now, back to adding to it again! My next trip over should be July for a mid year company  meeting, but I'm sure my boss will cover my plane ticket again. DD and her BF are coming over for 4 days in June.

Our silly older dog hasn't wanted to eat since we got back home. Usually it would be the other way around. He wouldn't have wanted to eat at DD's house, but he had no problem there. Get home and he doesn't want to eat. He ate part of it Sunday evening. Took a few bites yesterday morning. Finally ate his dinner last night, after I threw a few green beans in there. Is ignoring it this morning. He's a little bit of a worry wart, so he's probably just trying to decompress from the trip.

DH had ordered a tarp for his little dump trailer. Apparently the company had two different kinds. He decided to spend the extra $70 and get the better one. It arrived yesterday. It was the cheaper one he didn't want, plus it's broken! Bummer. He wasn't very happy and then he just tried to call them this morning to straighten it out and has to leave a voicemail. Now he's leaving an email for them.

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