Friday, March 10, 2017

Walmart and the vacuum! (GRRRRR!!)

I've been jumping through hoops yesterday, and now today, trying to purchase a vacuum. Ridiculous. I finally made my decision on what/where to buy and it's like insane trying to buy it.

Ok, so I have 3 Visa gift cards,  $30, $50 and $150 cards. I can't use those to pay online, since the balance of the order is higher than the value of the card(s). I will have to purchase 3 Walmart gift cards, then use those (you can use up to 4 with an online transaction per their website) to pay for my order (and then my debit card for the remaining balance). Ok, so I first bought a $30 Walmart e-gift card. The order confirmation says I will be emailed the gift card number within 4 hours (but usually within minutes). 4 1/2 hours later I got the email. In the meantime I decided to buy the $50 gift card next. I accidentally put in the wrong month of the expiration date, so of course it declined. Fixed it and re-placed order. I got a confirmation and then immediately after that got an email saying they (Walmart) had canceled the order. I tried again and same thing. Then I got online with the Visa gift card issuer and verified the $50 balance. You apparently didn't need to register the card, but you could add in a zip code that might be required for some transactions. Maybe that is the problem. I entered my zip code and it said invalid zip code! OMG.

So, I called up the card issuer and listened to recordings and one option was to add zip code, so I tried entering it that way and it added my zip code. Tried my order (yet again) with Walmart and it canceled it. I then called the giftcard issuer to ask them. He told me they are approving the transaction on their end, but for some reason Walmart keeps canceling it on their end.

I search how to contact Walmart customer service and get on an online chat with someone. They tell me it was canceled because it didn't pass all their security protections. She put in a ticket about it and said to try the transaction again in 30 minutes and it should go through. So, I wait 45 minutes, try again and it gets canceled again. I get online with another chat rep who looks it up and tells me the exact same thing. I said I was already told that, already tried that, so now what? Well, try again in 3 hours then. OMG.

So, I try to purchase a Walmart gift card with the $150 Visa gift card. There isn't a $150 value available, so I had to buy a $100 and a $50 card. That went through no problem (and I got the code email in like 10 minutes).

Finally, after the 3 hour wait I tried to buy the first $50 card again and it worked. Ok, finally. I then added all my gift card codes to my Walmart account. Decided to wait to order this morning. I had 5 gift cards linked to my account. 4 from my Visa gift card purchases and one from Savings Catcher. I had read online you could only use 4 per online transaction, so I'll just not use the $17 one at this time.

I remembered to log in via Swagbucks, so I'd get my points there, I order the vacuum and start the payment process. One gift card at a time, except it let me put in all 5 gift cards as payment. Cool. Then it says the balance remaining and I choose my debit card, that is already linked to my Walmart account and check out. I get an order confirmation.  THREE hours later I just got an email saying "We're sorry, but your order has been canceled". OMG. I am so sick of this.

I got back online to chat (I'm pretty sure they are in India) and get the same exact answer I got two times yesterday. My order didn't pass their security protections, they've put in a ticket, try again in 30 minutes. Good grief! Do they want the damn orders or not?!

So, I guess I'll wait a few hours, instead of 30 minutes and try yet again. This time he did give me a phone # I can call and place the order that way. If I can't get the online order to go through, I guess I will have to do that, but then lose out on my Swagbucks.

This should not have to be this difficult to place an order!


  1. Oh my word! That is insane! Hope you are able to get this resolved...and soon!

  2. I had this exact same thing happen during Christmas. I placed an order, it was successful. Then the next few orders were cancelled for no reason. Live chat was useless, they kept telling me I needed to talk to my bank (it was a credit card.) Credit card company said it was on Wal-Mart's end, all info was accurate. It took 3 days for one order to finally process. I just gave up on the rest and went with Amazon. So, so annoying! I hope you're able to get it to go through soon!

    1. I re-ordered later yesterday afternoon. So far so good - no cancel email - yet! It is very frustrating. You would think that is the whole point of being registered with an online account with them. I've already put in my security info, password, etc.

  3. How very frustrating, I am glad so far its a go. I like my Dyson, have had it for 6 years and its made it through 3 moves without falling apart. 2 shed happy pups and a cat that leaves clumps (she has too much hair), Customer service is VERY good as long as you register it and they have sent replacement parts if I have worn them out, or stupidly hit the button that turns off the brush head and not know it but call them up and say its broken.

    1. Thanks for the input! I will make sure I register it with them. The order is still showing "processing" but it hasn't canceled again, so I hope it will ship soon.