Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Poop Fix

My pet peeve this past year has been our new toilet we had installed in our master bathroom when we remodeled last summer. When it flushes the water doesn't "swish" around the whole bowl, it just comes out the front of the bowl and down the drain. Ummm....without getting graphic, lets just say this does not clean the toilet after DH has used it (several times a day). I have to clean this toilet constantly. I HATE it.

A couple of weeks ago I was watching this you-tube video (I think I clicked to from Pinterest) about cleaning a toilet in like 2 minutes or something. Anyway, she first used a spray bottle with just some dish soap and water in it to spray all over the outside of the toilet and wipe down the outside with paper towels. I went and bought a small spray bottle and gave it a try about a week ago. I usually use clorox wipes to wipe the outside, but some of the dust, etc would now stick to the wet surface. The paper towels work great to get it all off and dry. So, as I was spraying I also sprayed inside the toilet bowl just for the heck of it, then I squirted the toilet bowl cleaner around.  Cleaned the bowl and was satisfied.

This whole past week the toilet bowl has been clean, not a mark on it. I thought "is DH cleaning the toilet after each use now?" THAT, I was having a hard time believing.  I had kind of forgotten about spraying the inside with that dishsoap/water solution. Yesterday we were in the bathroom and I said "what's up with the toilet? it's so clean all the time now" and DH says didn't you spray it with something? Oh ya! WOW! I didn't spray it, thinking it would keep it clean all week, but apparently that's what happened. Woohooo!  DH is kicking himself for not just saying "oh ya, I've been cleaning it out" LOL.

Who knew a little dish soap and water would be such an amazing trick!

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