Wednesday, August 19, 2015

My mistake

I knew it was a mistake. As soon as it came out of my mouth and then as I was sending the email. I told my 74 year old mom that I could send her a link in an email to watch the video of us speaking at the county council meeting.

Oh my lord! This is our conversation last night when she called me:

Mom: I got your email but I can't figure out how to watch it. I'm on my ipad (mini).
Me: ok, hold on (getting my ipad mini so I could walk her through the steps)
Mom: well, I can see people, but I can't hear anything.
Me: you have to turn your volume up
Mom: how do I do that? I didn't know there was sound on this.
Me: there are buttons on the side of your ipad
Mom: there are?! I never noticed. What do I do?
Mom: which one?
Me: the top button sets the volume up, the bottom one brings it down

Me: you have to tap on the bottom of the video to bring up the bar that lets you fast forward (as we don't get to speak until almost 3 hours into the meeting)
Mom: what?
Me: you have to tap on the bottom of the video to bring up the bar that lets you fast forward
Mom: well, I'm not sure it's working. I'm touching on the thing but I don't see it.
Me: it would probably be easier to just watch it on your desktop computer
Mom: oh, ok, let me try that
Mom: what's https showing up on the top of my computer? Is that why my printer won't scan anymore?
Me: I don't think so, just open the link I sent you. What do you see?
Mom: it's all black.
Me: do you see an arrow/triangle in the middle? you click on that to start the video
Mom: no it's just black.
Me: try putting your cursor in the middle of the black area and see if the arrow shows up
Me: try refreshing your screen
Mom: what?
Me: ok, just close out that screen and click on the link in your email again
Mom: it's just a black box
Me: have you ever watched a video on your computer (that she has had for years) before?
Mom: well, probably not
Me: ok you probably don't have a video player loaded. Go back to your ipad
Mom: ok, I got it back on. What do I do?
Me: you have to tap on the bottom of the video so you can see the bar and slide it over
Mom: what do I slide?
Me: tap on the little circle and slide it over
Mom: oh, I don't know. It's not working. I'll just have to keep working at it.
Me: ok - talk to you later

Text to DD: your grandma is never allowed to get an iphone.
DD: No. Never. Ever.

I think I have a concussion from banging my  head on my desk


  1. LOLZ
    At least when we are old like that our kids won't have to bang their heads like this.....

    1. I told DD that if I drive her that nuts when I get "old" (and honestly, I don't think 74 is that old) just ship me off to an old folks home and come visit me once a year. LOL

  2. You should use teamviewer to remote into her computer from yours. i use it with my parents so I don't have to walk them through anything I can just log in and do it myself. Oh and they have a free version.

    1. oh - that's a great idea! My son used to use that a lot. I'll download that onto her computer the next time I am at her house. That will probably save me tons of headaches :)