Tuesday, August 4, 2015

He's on a mission

Our councilman called again yesterday afternoon. He as apparently made us his mission! He pretty much told DH *%$# is about to hit the fan.  Landlord property owner is going to get hit with numerous property code violations:  the single wide trailer (falling apart, windows broken and someone does actually live in the back end of it) will be condemned. He can't have himself and the others (our guess is 3 others, based on the cars that park there) living in the shop. It was never permitted for that and there is no septic system approved for that (the septic is some mickey mouse deal he rigged up with a hose into his regular septic system). Years ago another neighbor on the other side of him (she has long since moved away) reported him to the county when he built the shop and moved in. He just lied and said no one was living there, like he always does.There are containers on at least 2 of his properties, which apparently are not legal to have (not sure why that is, other than maybe because they are an eyesore).

While all this is good, unless the sheriff is going to step up their game big time, I don't see how any of the above will stop the drug dealing. If the single wide is condemned, most likely it doesn't have to be tore down, it just means the guy that has lived in it the past 15 years won't be living in it. It's still going to sit there. Without taking my own picture, here is one I grabbed off of google earth

A close up would of course show the condition of the trailer better, but in the back windows are broken, there is no skirting and it's all filthy dirty. The roof is terrible. At the current time there are even more junk vehichles/trailers out front and all the grasses in between are 2 feet high. On the back side is another old piece of crap camper trailer (that someone used to live in) and a couple of big piles of lumber or something covered in plastic and tarps (our barn kitties use it to hide under!).

Here is a view of his whole property. The tall trees in the mid lower area block the view off all the junk he has sitting in the middle of the property, but you can see a few pieces. More junk cars and trailers. I'm sure all that stuff will be part of the property code violations too.
on the other side of that big tree to the right of the shop is more stuff. That big container parked in front of the shop is now at the far end and an rv, with people living in it the past 2 months, is now parked in front of the shop. I think there is another camper trailer down there too.

Isn't it all just lovely? I can deal with his ugly property - what I can't deal with is 873 times of drug addict traffic past my house each month, to his renters, at all times of the day and middle of the night. But, maybe we'll get lucky - the drug dealing will get busted AND he'll have to clean up his properties! A girl can dream, right?


  1. Hope this actually happens for you!

  2. Good luck with all that. Hope your councilman is good for his word and you guys get some peace.

  3. It is about time someone takes care of you! Be safe...