Monday, August 3, 2015

A new wake up alarm

We have someone new in the neighborhood........a Rooster! The people in front of us, who have chickens, apparently now have a rooster, too. He's not too annoying, but I have a feeling roosters are not legal to have in this residential area. I can hear him when I wake up in the morning (and off and on during the day) but it doesn't wake any of us up. It's like he's still learning to cock-a-doodle-doo. LOL.

My boss extended her 3 day weekend another day and sent me a message to work from home today, if I want. Since I apparently did something to my back over the weekend and am still not comfortable, working from home sounds good today. I think the back mess up was from sitting on the bleacher seats at the horse races for several hours Friday night. We started out in these nice cushioned seats on track level, but people kept standing in front of us between races and we couldn't see the board or the horses being walked by, so we got up and moved out to the flat bleacher seats. I woke up Saturday hurting and just can't seem to shake it. I might have to make a trip to the chiropractor this week instead of my appointment next week.

I'd say our neighbor must have guessed the people walking around our property a couple of different times last Thursday were county folk. Saturday he loaded up his huge 1 ton pick up -it's huge - has a big flat bed and wood sides (they used to have a firewood business) with all the garbage from the renters place(s). It was literally stuffed and above the cab of the truck! I'll bet it's been a year or more since we last saw him fill up and go to the dump. How disgusting! That's his typical M.O. - tries to get cleaned up when he thinks the county might be investigating his properties.

And the neighbor on the property that is directly behind us and good neighbor? She just had a whole bunch of dog kennals brought in and set up. She's always had one big dog, who must live outside and barks loud, but only when someone is going back and forth to the last lot (also owned by slumlord neighbor) on that road. Now, there is at least one more dog there, with a super loud bark which also seems to echo now, because of the kennel, I assume. Our good neighbor - who's house sits at the back of his property (our sits toward the front) - he can really hear it and he's none too happy. He and DH were discussing it...DH telling him, ya - that's a loud dog and you know what good neighbor said?!!!!  "well, when you call it in........." DH was like "NOoooo! - I am not handling this issue. This one is your job to call in. I've been the only one reporting and dealing with the drug dealers for 2 years now and I'm not taking on dogs, too".  Besides, we are far enough away that it's not annoying us like it is our good neighbor. We keep our windows closed, he has his open for air. He will need to finally step up to the plate, if he doesn't like it.

The sheriff came through on patrol a couple of times this weekend. Friday night they came down our street and went down in front of renters and shined the spotlight around for a minute (just letting them know they are around). We had dead quiet peace for about the next 24 hours. Saturday night the deputies came down the main road that feeds into our neighborhood, shining spotlights on landlords place and the drug dealers behind us. Drug traffic was still heavy all day yesterday, though. Still no return call from the message I left with the narcotics SUI department. (what a surprise...). Lets just hope the county councilman keeps up with trying to resolve this and it doesn't end up put on the back burner because something else came along to take away his focus on our issue.

DD's boyfriend is starting the day shift with his job today. He's been really unhappy at his job the past month or so. Honestly, he's driving everyone crazy with all his complaining about it. Just about everyone is telling him to suck it up. He makes good money (for not having a degree), has great benefits, etc. I think his parents finally told him to either figure out a way to deal with it and stop complaining or move on and find a new job. Hopefully being on the day shift with a new boss and co-workers will fix the problem, though a lot of his problem is he does not want to work any overtime, which of course the boss(es) don't like. Day shift has o/t required on weekends sometimes, too. His parents (and us) just keep telling him to take advantage of the overtime! He is young and able and it's great money. Do it for awhile - that's what gets you noticed for other jobs that come up where he can start working his way up to even higher pay. 

I think it will be easier on DD with him having normal hours now. She has never been one to stay up late and with him getting off work at 11:30pm, she's always up late to text him, etc and of course on weekends he wants to be out late because he's used to not going to bed until 2am. Now she'll get to have a normal schedule too, which I'm glad of, especially when she starts back up at at school and she has an 8am class start time.


  1. lots going on around your place. I don't know how you put up with it?

    1. I don't know anymore either! other than for right now I really don't have much choice. We purposely bought our acre and a quarter on a dead end road because we wanted peace and quiet and not a lot of traffic. Now it's like we live on a busy street!