Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mail surprises

Today's mail had 3 surprises and one of them was really nice. The company I do my side job for, who just celebrated their 6 year anniversary as a company, gave all their employees $200 Visa gift cards and sent me one too! Woohooo!! That is awesome and so unexpected. One of the other envelopes looked like junk mail (which I don't even usually open) but it said "Thank you" on it, so I opened it. It was a code for a free movie rental from our cable company.  It's good through the end of the year, so I will have to find a good movie to watch. The third thing was $5.04 rewards rebate from a local grocery store. You accumulate points and once per quarter they send out the rebate and a bunch of coupons. I don't shop there much, but I think this was probably from all the flowers and garden potting soil and stuff I bought in May.


  1. I got a free $50 Amazon gift card this week in the mail. Selected it as part of a Choice Hotels promo this Spring/Summer when you stay at 2 hotels. We could have earned 4 x this incentive since we did so much traveling/hotel staying this year! lol

    Happy Mail always cheers me up too.....

  2. Man, that must've been a nice break from junk mail and bills!

    I hope you have a little fun with the GC -- putting the rest of it to boring, serious stuff, of course.

    1. I think I'll save the gift card and use it when I makeover DS's bedroom to my office.