Friday, August 28, 2015

Misery loves company

We spent about 3 hours over at the guys house, who is basically in a similar neighborhood of homes on acreage, about a mile from us. He is luckier in that he has several neighbors who are willing to be involved to get rid of this, where we are alone in our endeavors. No one over there owns several lots or are related (as in our situation). They live on a long gravel road, where all the 5 acre lots/homes face the road. We have a long (first half paved/other half dirt) road, but most of the homes are on little private roads that shoot off to the side.

There were 4 other neighbors at this pow-wow. Lots of nice folks, just like us. Same story - cars, walkers and those on bicycles all day and night. They have more woods and this appears to be where a lot of these low-lifes live/hide. The homeowners actually walk through the woods (armed with guns) and flush them out all the time. It's all the same people in both neighborhoods for the most part. DH has pictures from our camera's on his phone, descriptions of cars, etc. They all match.  Yep, yep - seen that guy lots of times, etc. They even have the mulatto nut job who walks around with a meat cleaver over there, too. Turns out their resident drug dealer (who was in jail for less than 20 hours this week) and his girlfriend were the two who last spring tried to come over the fence one afternoon into our backyard.

They all despise the dispatchers as much as we do! Every single one of them had a gun on their hip. One of the guys, who lives at the beginning of their private road and has a security system and cameras also has a camera that reads license plates. DH would love one of those! haha.

From what we are hearing and from watching the last county meeting (where this other guy went and spoke too) they will be adding a special task force for this problem. DH and I go to the meeting on Monday with the council members and the head sheriff, where I plan to ask what their time frame for resolving this will be. The next time a deputy suggests we move from our home of 26 years, I'm going to ask him where in this county people are required to follow the law. Is there such a place?

I took my computer into work yesterday and wonderful IT guy fixed it right up. Apparently trying to do driver updates via remotely wasn't working. Seems to be working fine now. I didn't have to restart my computer this morning. He's also ordering me more memory, which will be good. It was funny when he sent out a company wide email asking where the electric computer duster was......eek - my computer was that dusty inside, LOL.

We finally get some rain (and cool weather)- for apparently the next 5 days. I am so happy. This drought weather has been awful. Our beautiful lawn just looks like dirt!


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