Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The paint job

Here are a couple of pics (for NDChic!) of the living room. Previously the wall were white (well, an "antique white" - but still very white) and I tried to show the ceiling so you can see the difference in color.

 We are pet friendly - a blanket on the couch cushions for doggie laying :)
My carpal tunnel has been giving me real grief the past week or so. I even had the chiropractor work on it last week at my appointment. He recommended something called a "gyro ball", so I ordered one from Amazon for $10 to give it a try. It should be here any day.  While painting my wrist was killing me! I almost dropped the brush a couple of times. I have a glove wrist support I wear when I have to use the mouse a lot or type a lot. It usually works great, but not so much this past week or so.

Last evening we used my free on demand movie rental code and watched Interstellar. We all really like it. Some of it kind of boggles the mind. I especially liked the explanation of what a worm hole is. DD was teasing her boyfriend, because she really likes Matthew McConaughey.......but not as much as Matt Damon, she told him. Well, we didn't know Matt Damon was in this movie too, so when they were in a scene together she was like "oh my god! it's both of them at once" LOL.  DH loves Jessica Chastain (from Zero Dark Thirty) so he was enjoying it too. It's definitely a movie I'd watch again.


  1. painting and vacuuming are the worst things for carpal tunnel, along with using the computer. Wrist supports do help. Love the colour on your wall.

    1. Vacuuming doesn't seem to bother me. It's mostly gripping - like a mouse or the paintbrush. Writing a lot hurts too, but about the only thing I write is grocery lists, which is fine. But if I had to write a letter, it would start hurting. The wall color looks more tan in the pictures than it really is, but I really like it so much better than the white.

  2. Your paint job looks very fine, much better than stark white walls.

    I am distantly related to Jessica Chastain through her mom, Jerri Chastain(Jessica changed her name to her mom's maiden name). We both share Joan Crawford as a cousin. ;-)

  3. Thanks! I like it! I really like the warmer tan tones compared to the grey tones. You did a great job!

  4. So glad the house is for sale and you are handling those neighbors! You guys deserve a break!!!! Xoxo. Debtgirl