Sunday, August 30, 2015

Simple Sunday

It was an eventful day around here yesterday - mostly in the fact that we had a huge windstorm. Crazy weather. I'm surprised we still have a roof on. Our whole property was covered in branches, big and small. We lost power for a little while. I think we might have lost my favorite tree out in my front yard :/  It's quite bent off to one side now and pulled out of the ground just a bit.

Late afternoon, after the winds stopped DH and I headed outside to clean up. We put the smaller stuff in the wheel barrow (a couple of loads) and dumped in our yard waste bins. The big branches we put in our little pull along trailer that came with our lawn tractor. Then when we got done with part of the backyard DH went "duh!" just pick up the big branches and he swept up all the small stuff with the sweeper attached to the lawn mower. That probably saved us an hour of back bending work! The little trailer was piled as tall as me with big branches and DH ran it all through the chipper. In between it would rain. We were soaked and sore. My back is killing me this morning.

In a more "positive" event - one of the drug dealing neighbors behind us got arrested last night! Woo! He has apparently pretty much had a court ordered no contact order for several years now - to not be at his parents house, which none of them abide by, obviously. Nor has the sheriff bothered to do anything about, even thought they know he is always there. The only time he gets charged with it is when he gets arrested for something else  Apparently the recent pressure from our councilman to get this neighborhood cleaned up had some effect. So, now this family has their 2 oldest (of 3) in jail, though I'm sure the younger one will continue with the drug dealing from the house.The deputy that DH has the most contact with told him a couple of days ago he was working on arresting him and was going to try again last night. He's now in jail with a $75,000 bail (he's been charged with this several times). Betcha he'll be right out in the next couple of days. Our councilman is totally disgusted with the judges in our county, now that his eyes have been opened to what goes on with charges being dropped all the time on the repeat offenders. He's now getting our state representatives involved.

I've been working on couponing a bit more lately. Yesterday we went to RiteAid and picked up free disposable razors, free chapstick and DD got 4 Great Lash mascaras for .74 each. I had $3 in plenti points to pay towards. I was $10 out of pocket, but then earned $11 in Plenti points.

Today, I'm going to get caught up on my laundry. ooh fun!


  1. Wow! That was quite a storm to pull up a tree! I am tree lover so I would have gotten teary eyed. Great job on the Rite Aid score! We don't have Rite Aids, but we try to work CVS that way.

    1. I'm the same way about our trees and shrubs. This tree makes me sad. Some we have had almost 30 years and some were from my grandparents yard, so I am really attached to them. Part of the reason it makes it hard for me to want to move!

  2. Wow, an incredible storm indeed. We have had a glorious long (too hot) summer here. It is around 95 degrees again today then dropping on Wednesday to about 70 and pouring, so I keep hoping it won't do too much damage.

    I'm happy for you that your councilman seems to be "doing his job" even if others aren't, but I really can't imagine what it must be like having to live with that crap. Poor you - but good on you for fighting back. Anna