Wednesday, August 19, 2015

It's about time

Guess what?! After 2 years that foreclosed vacant house around the corner from us has finally been put up for sale. It's about damn time.  Though I'm not holding my breath that it will get bought by someone decent. No, most likely it will be bought, fixed up, and rented to some awful, annoying people. Or....our slumlandlord neighbor will get his hooks into it. When he and DH had their long talk 2-3 weeks ago he mentioned he love to get it, put $20k into it (ha! good luck) and rent it out. OMG. Please no. That house will need a lot more than $20k to fix up, I'd imagine.

So, I found it online. I'm not quite sure I understand how the listing for it works. It's listed at $275,000! WHAT?! They cannot be serious. I think they are as high as those who've been using the house to shoot up the past 2 years. But, then the website says "minimum offer" is $182,000. It appears they are taking bids, so maybe it's like an auction type of thing.  I just have to pray pray pray that it is way more than our neighbor is willing/able to spend to buy it.  At least if he doesn't get it, we will have a chance someone decent will buy it.

It will be very interesting to see what it ends up selling for, and I'm sure the maggots who visit our neighborhood will see the for sale sign as an invitation to break in and vandalize it some more in the meantime. 

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