Tuesday, August 11, 2015

It's getting interesting

Well, yesterday morning turned out quite interesting! Our "on a mission" councilman called and was down around the corner, at the vacant/foreclosed house. Wanted us to come over. He wanted to look around the place (since it's broken into and used quite often by the druggies) and still get a feel for how our neighborhood is lined out, etc. This vacant place (over an acre of land) has a little area where they (druggies) have made a little campfire. There are piles of garbage in sacks under trees. Saw a lighter.  Commissioner was parked next to the road (there is only one way back into our neighborhood and same way back out). He also had some nice color printouts maps of all the properties back on our private roads (one main private road comes in with offshoots on each side with 3-4 places, 1-5 acres on each side. We are the first offshoot). While standing there next to the road, of course druggies in and out. In cars...on bikes. Commissioner was using his phone to snap pics of the cars and their license plates. There was a big white Dodge pickup pulling in. DH at first thought it was the white Dodge that we suspect is the one that brings the drugs into the 2 houses. Comm. snaps a pic and the guy stops and gets out of his truck all mad and yelling. "why did you take my picture? who are you" He was kinda irate. DH realizes it's a different white Dodge (the other one is a short bed). Then our commissioner said "there's a lot of drug activity here" and the guy says "No kidding! It's out of control" and goes off on a rant about the drug house behind us (he didn't know about the one on our street). I said "well, then you need to call the sheriff" and he said "I call CONSTANTLY".  His story matched our story exactly! He can't get the dispatchers to dispatch. The SIU/narcotics ignore his calls. The sheriff's do nothing. He said he leaves for work really early (like 4:30am) and there will literally be 7 cars lined up on the road waiting their turn to get up to the drug dealers window! He traded business cards with the commissioner and is going to try and come to the meeting tomorrow, too.

Then another person comes around the corner, leaving the neighborhood and she stops and asks if the house is finally getting sold (I guess because we are both parked there and the recent activity of it getting fixed up a bit) and the commissioner tells her no, we are just working on the neighborhood drug problem and her eyes get big and she says "OH THANK GOD!!". She lives across on the other side of the street from the drug house behind us (and again, she did not know about the drug house back at the end of our street). I asked her if she ever call and reports. "ALL THE TIME" and she also said that at times she sees cars like 7 deep waiting to get into the drug house.  I know DH tried to go over and talk to her and her husband one time, when he was going around to other neighbors, but they didn't answer their door (even though cars parked outside). She seemed really nice and the other guy was quite the little firecracker.  Our commissioner also said he is going to have our State representative for our area come and view all this and get him involved.

It felt REALLY good to finally not feel like we are the only ones reporting this and trying to fix the problem. The dispatchers and deputies always make us feel like we are the only ones reporting it. The guy we talked to said he calls in an average of 5 times a week.  DH has a nice speech written up for the meeting this afternoon. I CANNOT wait for the shoe to drop on these maggots in both drug houses (and the slumlord who rents to the ones on our street).


  1. Hope this growing number of supporting concerned neighbors helps you all's case. About time somebody put a stop to this!

  2. Your councilman is serious about this! Great! I am hoping they will do away with all the druggies once and for all. You deserve nice neighbors and well maintained properties around you.

  3. Glad to see your councilman is taking things seriously.