Thursday, August 13, 2015

More speaking

Apparently DH did so well in his "testimony" (that's what they called it at the council meeting) that he has now been invited to a tv show that the county has on cable. The host would like DH and our councilman to come on, for about a 10 minute segment, and talk about it. I'm sure DH will do it, even though he is a bit nervous. It's not for a couple of weeks.

DH got a whole bunch of his saved video's from our camera system onto a thumb drive. It shows all the activity on our street this past year. Our councilman requested Ted send him some videos and then one of the other councilmen from the meeting also asked to see some. We even got a new one to add yesterday. In broad daylight a guy (with a backpack on, of course) comes running out of the wooded area of the lady's property in front of us. He is carrying a bicycle tire/wheel. He comes flying out of the woods and stops in the middle of our street (right in front of our house) and is looking up and down the street. Then he takes off running down the street.  It looks like the same guy that has been walking around the past week, talking to himself and carrying a meat cleaver! DH calls the non-emergency dispatcher - who is rude and unhelpful (big surprise) and just says "well, call back if there is an update". So DH walks to the back of our property and sure enough the guy is at the drug house behind us (at the walk up window) and DH calls dispatch back. She is annoyed and you could tell didn't want to be bothered with it. A deputy never did come out.  This is what we deal with.  Like DH told the's going to take one of us or our neighbors getting hurt or killed...or one of the deputies getting hurt or killed...before something gets done about it.

We got to watch the video of the meeting last night. I know DH did really well, but I felt like I was shaking like a leaf and shaky voice, but in watching it back, I did ok! LOL. Our councilman called DH at least 2 times yesterday and was out in our neighborhood driving around again. If these renters on our street would just move away to some other place, we would have peace and quiet on our little dead end street again. I am hoping the pressure from the county (not sure how soon that will happen) to clean up all his properties will put pressure on the landlord to make them move out, because honestly, I don't have much hope with our law enforcement and judicial system.

Did I tell you about one of the "regulars" who visits both drug houses? He has a record of burglary, mail theft, etc. Was just arrested a month ago on burglary 2. Last Thursday was arrested for Burglary 1 (meaning he had a weapon). It got dropped to misdemeanor trespassing and then Monday the charge was dropped altogether....and he's right back in our neighborhood. WTH?!! Are the deputies that inept that they don't know what charges to file when they make an arrest? I highly doubt it. No wonder they don't want to even bother arresting someone.

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