Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It's Show (and Tell) Time

Around 1am this morning DH called the sheriff and reported the car that goes in and out all the time (pretty sure it's someone they use as a "runner" to take the drugs - they meet up to do the deal at the shopping center parking lot nearby and return 10 minutes later, repeat repeat repeat all day) because, as usual, it was driving in and out with no headlights on. Not sure why they have the cars do this during the middle of the night, other than I guess they think it makes them invisible.

No arguments from the dispatch about sending someone. Within 10 minutes a sheriff showed up and was parked in the cul-de-sac in front of their house. Not sure what was going on, but our guess is there was some running to hide out of the back of their property, as the dogs that are on the properties behind us were barking like mad. Within 10 minutes 2 more cop cars showed up and then a 4th one! They stayed about another 10 minutes. The first one left and turned to go back farther down our neighborhood. The other 3 drove real slow while an unknown female walked out. As soon as they turned out and left the neighborhood she walked right back in.

Not sure what that was all about and nothing major appeared to have gone down. My guess is it was the sheriff putting on a show to let these drug maggots know they are being watched. Other than one regular car this morning, that always comes for a minute to get his drugs once or twice a day, it has been dead quiet. The blue car (that we called in on last night) never did leave after that (which is very unusual) and finally just drove out of here like a bat out of hell late this morning.

In money news, I really screwed up my budget! Back in June, when my debit card got hacked and I got a new one, I had to update all my online accounts that I do bill pay with. I have DH and DD's health insurance set up on auto-pay and I went in and updated with the new debit card #. I know I did this because I had made a list of all the accounts I needed to update with the new # and checked them off (insurance, cell phones, Netflix, etc).  The monthly payment comes out around the 3rd or 4th of the month and I didn't notice that the July 1st payment never was charged! I was pretty flush with money in my checking, because of the recent bonus, so I guess I didn't catch that I still had almost $500 more in my checking than I should have had.

Today I'm looking at my checking and this time I do notice that it hasn't come out for August. I log in to the insurance company website and see that my account is set up for auto-pay and with the new #. What the heck?! Then I notice the balance due is double, which is how I then figured out July's payment never got made. DAMN! I have no idea why the auto-pay didn't work. I had to pull some out of my savings to cover part of the extra $500 going out I wasn't expecting. Kicking myself for not noticing that last month. Well, back on track this month. At least the extra I have to start paying on my home equity loan doesn't start until the end of September payment. I thought it would be the payment due Aug 31st, so that kind of evens it all out in the end.

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  1. my dh was short paid last week and we are going to suffer for it I can see {SIGH} It could be worse I guess.

    On the neighbour front I hope that things get sorted quick!