Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The long awaited day

My side job company changed the company they have processing their twice monthly payroll. Good lord, trying to get info on the new process has been like trying to pull teeth. I have asked my side job boss lady a couple of times. It appears she is in over her head with this project of switching to the new company. I finally just emailed the person at the payroll company directly myself, to find out what exactly is my role now, and what they need from me to process payroll. I think I am now set up with the info I need. Just basic stuff, like what day do you process payroll, so what day do you need the adjustments (like sick and vacation taken). 

Supposedly it is illegal to dump carcasses after harvesting the meat off (it's hunting season). That doesn't usually stop hunters from going on the forest service road on the other side of the main road out in front of our house and dumping. Then we get the ravens and vultures (and other wildlife) circling overhead for days. A simple 5 minute drive a little farther up into the draw would put the carcass out of right next to our neighborhood.

So, I get up yesterday morning and go outside to give my chickens their morning bread treat. I can hear ravens crowing like absolutely crazy somewhere sounded like other side of neighbors house/property. I'm thinking there must be a dead animal nearby. When dh got up he realized where it's coming from and what it must be from....Mr Neighbor and his son apparently just dumped their deer carcass not too far away. The ravens were just over on the edge of his first lot. Are they just that stupid or lazy or ? There's a damn big huge dumpster set up near town, just for this purpose. Or put it in your pickup bed, drive up the draw 5 minutes and get it out where there aren't any homes nearby. I'm not talking a few ravens squawking. I'm talking like a hundred of them over there. Just stupid. Stop being so lazy. And the dogs were baking a whole bunch again yesterday, most likely because the ravens were annoying them. Neighbors need to wake up and realize they have neighbors in their neighborhood now and just can't do whatever whenever like they did for 10 years, but apparently they are not going to. Mrs was even home from work yesterday, so no excuse for barking dogs. Awhile back when Mrs Neighbor said she is retiring next May, I thought oh good, she'll be home all the time then and won't let the dogs bark. But, who am I kidding. She won't be home all the time. She'll still be gone all day out doing something, because they aren't the type to hang around home and since their dogs have a kennel run and a doggy door to go in and out, they don't care if they leave their dogs alone for 12 hours a day.

Anyhow, at least their wonderful and considerate guests are supposed to be leaving today..........we also always wait with baited breath to see if they take their dogs home with them, as it's usually about a 50/50 chance they will leave them for several months.

So far, so good, with mom taking her meds, since she lost the cup Sunday. She varies on the actual times, quite often, but as long as she gets them that's all I care about. It's usually not more than a half hour either way, but I also find it interesting on the times I see she's taken it a little early, before the machine reminds her. That tells me she obviously still has memory that she's supposed to take pills around that time. She's also going downstairs for breakfast most days now, which is very good, too. And since she is going down in the morning and (usually) takes her meds after eating, it seems to have helped that I changed her settings to remind her for 30 minutes after 8:30, instead of only 15 minutes, since she's not usually back up to her room until about 8:50.

Dh got the big lawn tractor all serviced yesterday. He said he put almost 80 hours on it this year, mowing. Then our retired friend, from town, texted him asking if he was up for a visitor, so he stopped by and visited with dh awhile. He's supposed to be retired, LOL. He's in his mid 70's, but is always doing part time jobs around town. Now he's been driving one of the school buses most days, because they can't find drivers. Like dh said, for only $16/hr why take that job and it's responsibility when McDonalds, 35 miles away is offering $16/hr. DH was watching our recent weekly county council meeting online the other day. Every week the sheriff comes in and says another jail guard or dispatcher they just hired quit already. Those positions only pay like $13/hr. Ridiculous. Yet the school superintendent guy makes over $100k a year.

Tomorrow afternoon we take the kitty in for his vet visit. I hope they can give me an idea of how old he is. Just curious. I have no idea how I am going to decorate for Christmas this year. He's into everything. He might just have to live in my office for the month, and be banned from the rest of the house, haha.

Ok, I really really need to figure out what I am getting dd for her birthday next month. She did give me a few idea, so that helps. She and her dh just had their yard completely redone by a landscaper. It looks so nice. Super super expensive to do. I could never have spent that much, LOL. 

Hmmm...we hired this new employee about a month or less ago. He works remotely from another state clear across the country and already has taken 2 sick days. Wonder how he is going to work out for long.

My desk has become a mess with papers again. I also need to call the town hospital, I guess, and find out why I haven't received a bill for the doctors that saw him. His insurance processed those claims at the same time they processed the hospital claim for room and services and we were billed by the hospital for those already. Also he was seen at the hospital clinic 2 months for a follow up appt and not been billed for that yet, but the claim has been processed.


  1. That's just completely gross about the carcasses. I'd be pitching a royal fit to them and damn any neighborly tone. As for new employee, can't help when illness hits, but I hope works out.

    1. it is gross. Even way out in the woods, if they decide to take care of it there, rather than pack it out intact, they are supposed to put the carcass in a plastic bag and take or they are supposed to bury it. At least for new employee, who has no earned PTO, we are generous and let them go into negative (up to a point).

  2. You are right, the carcass is gross. Those animals may decide they like it at your place and increase your pests. I would get rough or at least not being friendly with them.

  3. You would think dumping those carcasses in their own back yard would be unpleasant for them too wouldn't you!!! And how about that, you get better pay at MacDonalds than working as a prison guard!