Saturday, October 2, 2021

Quick Saturday update

Just sitting at my desk this morning, waiting for dh to wake up and then I'll go take a shower. Since often times his sleep isn't that great, I let him sleep in when he can and not disturb him. Finished sending an email, that I spent more of it trying to get the kitty off my keyboard while trying to type.

Still no "pending" or "sold" showing up online on the 2 properties next door. Dh said when the guy walked up to the fence to introduce himself last weekend he said "I'm your new neighbor, I just bought these lots" or something like that. You'd think if their offer was accepted they would now show as pending sale. Most realtors update something like that on their listings right away.

I need to cut my hair today and stop putting it off, LOL. The back is literally down almost to the middle of my back. I bough this new Revlon One-Step hairdryer/styler that I tried out the day before yesterday and seems like it will be good to use. My hair is very wavy. It usually curls ok in the front/sides framing my face, but I hate the back all waves from top on down. This tool straightens as it dries and it works really fast. I had my hair done in about 5 minutes. I rarely blow dry my hair, but this will be nice to use on days I want that waviness gone and not wear my hair in a pony tail. Plus, once I get it chopped off, it will look better and then I'll try using it again and see how it looks.

Well, I hear dh is up. Not sure what he's got planned today, but I'm guessing moving that fire pit to it's new spot, now that he was able to burn the big brush pile in it yesterday.


  1. Stick straight hair here too-as do my girls. Yesterday though, my daughter's straight hair was absolutely stunning. It will be nice for changes. I live in pony tails too.