Wednesday, October 20, 2021

More tests and follow up

The surgeon's nurse didn't call me back until almost noon. She seemed to think it was probably from the gas used in surgery. Try some gas-x otc med. About that time dh got up and was feeling mostly better.  He had some cereal with banana. About an hour later he says call the vet and see if you can keep that appointment. I'm like no, I already rescheduled it and it's almost the appt time anyway, even if it was still open, it takes us an hour to get there. Plus I was exhausted after less than 4 hours sleep and now that the nurse called back, I could lay down for a nap.

Then at 3pm the surgeon himself called and asked dh some questions. He was concerned because the pain is on his left side and if he was to have any, it should be on the right side (gallbladder side). So, he said he wanted dh to go into our local hospital for labs and an x-ray. His office called in the orders and we went over there. In and out in like 10 or 15 minutes. (they know us by now, ha!) His office scheduled dh to see the surgeon at 10:30 this morning.

As the evening/night went on dh started feeling the more of the same as the night before. Not quite as bad, but similar. The dr called already this morning and said for him not to eat or drink anything before he comes in this morning to see him. Now dh thinks that meant he saw something in the xray or labs and might need to do surgery or a procedure? I said I don't think so, he asked me if we got in yesterday afternoon and got those done, so he didn't have that info yet.

So, we leave here in a little over in an hour for his appt. Hopefully have an answer as to what is going on. Obviously something not right. The x-ray tech at the hospital said it was an x-ray to look for air/gas, so hopefully that's all it is. Dh said when he had the pancreas pain (on left side) it was high up in his stomach. This pain is even higher up, in his chest and behind shoulder blade.

My mom is very concerned with this new medication dispenser and said she should have made a list of her medications.  She is worried how "she"' will know when it's time to refill and how many are left when she can't see them. I explained that her mail order pharmacy always sends me a reminder email when it's getting close to the 90 days refill time and also, this dispenser keeps track of how many are left and will let us know. She called me 2 or 3 times last night in about an hour or so's time to ask this (forgetting she already asked). She said "oh, I guess I'll get used to it". Yes you will!! Because frankly, it's a godsend to me!

I'm working what I can this morning, then hopefully we'll be back here by noon or so and I can work the rest of the afternoon.


  1. So glad the surgeon has reached out and you have a follow up - crossing my fingers that everything can be resolved, and that DH sees the importance listening to the recovery advice given.

    1. The surgeon seems like a really good and thorough dr. I like him