Friday, October 1, 2021


I (and dh) feels so much better knowing he has his surgeon consult scheduled now. I left a voicemail (of course) for that GI's assistant to let her know that since I didn't hear back from her, I got his primary doctor to do the referral

I also got a call back from his primary care office that they sent in the refill for him on the omeprazole, so I went to town yesterday afternoon and got that picked up. So cute seeing 2 little boys about 10 years old fishing off the bridge into town. It was nearing dinner time and dh said chicken from the store deli sounded good, so I then stopped there. My mom had given me a few items to pick up for her, so I went ahead and got those too, so I don't have to stop again at a store before I see her this morning. Though, after I got home she called and added cookies, LOL. So, I guess I will swing into Walgreens near her apartment and grab those, too.

DH got the sprinkler lines all blown out and ready for winter, as we got down to zero Wednesday night. He wasn't expecting that temperature and was worried pipes might have already frozen, but they were fine.

I'm trying to figure out cat litter! DH has the most sensitive nose in the world so any little smell makes him crazy. The first cat litter, the litter itself was fragranced. It even bothered me some. (the crate with litter box inside is upstairs in my office). Then I got some unfragranced arm & hammer litter. I barely tried it all day yesterday and then the litter box system I ordered like dd uses arrived. I actually don't think this system (Tidy Cats Breeze system) of pellets is going to work. Kitty was up in the office (I had door closed) and I came up to get him and the poop smell just about gagged me. It's hard to bury poop in the pellets. This morning he just pooped and really did his best to bury it, bless him, but still stinks. I scooped it out right away. I think I might end up trying the unfragranced litter more and see how that one works. Ugh. 

Part of the problem is our home heating system exchanges air around the house, so there is an intake vent just outside my office room, in the loft area and it apparently is carrying the smells down through the house. I hardly, if at all smell, but dh can smell anything, so........

Well, off to get ready to go into the city this morning. Update more later.


  1. I can smell things others cannot, apparently. I can smell if an animal is in a house, no matter how little the owner can smell. It gags me, and any particles in the air choke me. So, I understand dh.

    It is good you finally made some progress on surgery.

  2. A lot of people use a training kit so that, their cat uses the potty. My BFF's cat uses the potty. Just doesn't flush. Haha!

    1. I have heard of cats doing that! Hope your trip is going well :)