Saturday, May 15, 2021

Saturday stuff

So...there was no shooting yesterday. Not holding our breath, that's for sure.

No sleeping in here this Saturday morning. For some reason dh had pulled up the french door window blinds last night and so our bird friend was busy before 7am attacking his reflection. So, I got up, saw that they were up and pulled them down in the windows and he stopped.

I made another cup of hummingbird nectar and it's cooling down so I can put some more out. Now that I see they are back and drinking it all fairly quick I should get out my 2nd one and fill that up, too. I also have some old bananas and will make some banana bread today, too.

I have been needing a paper shredder for quite some time and finally just ordered one this morning. I don't need it a bunch, but certainly need it at times. Plus, I have a stack of checks from my side job I need to shred. A long time ago, my side job boss sent me the kind that feeder into an old style feeder printer, so we couldn't use them. DH just doesn't burn often enough and then when he does I forget and he also doesn't like me adding paper stuff because it just floats off tiny charred pieces in the air. I'm sure if I start going through my drawers and a box of papers I have I can probably get rid of a good portion of it.

DH also wants me to paint the brackets for the gate opener with some black paint he has. He's still waiting on one piece that our welder guy made up and now has at the powder coaters. That will probably be ready for him to pick up this week and then finally we can get our gate working. Last weekend dh installed the solar panel piece on top of the fence, next to the gate.

It's a blue sky sunshine day and supposed to get up in the high 70's. I think I'll have dh get the patio chairs and umbrella out now. We were kind of waiting for the weather to at least get warmer where we'd actually use them. The fertilizer dh used on the grass did it's job. It's all emerald green beautiful now.

I started reading a book dd just finished (I already had it in my queue when she told me she was reading it). It's The Four Winds by Kristin Hannah. Really good so far. DD has never been much of a reader, like I am. But a few weeks ago she picked up a book at the store and read it. Then she got this book I am now reading and quickly read that. She's like look at me! I'm reading! LOL. Then yesterday her dh stopped at the store for some things on his way home and picked up a book he thought maybe she'd enjoy. 

Time to get started on chores for the day.


  1. Your grass looks great. Nice!
    That bird must have a crush on your husband. lol That's really strange.
    They fly into our windows all the time. I'm always afraid to look on the deck after they hit.
    It would be nice to think the shooter has stopped but we know he'll be back. I had to laugh when you called him asshat. That was a good one. My SIL lent me her Kristin Hannah book but I haven't gotten to it yet. She liked it.
    Enjoy the weekend:)

    1. Thanks! From what a few have told us, the bird it trying to fight it's reflection, thinking it's another bird. You will like the book, I'm almost done with it, already :)

  2. I wonder why he shoots for days and then stops. I laugh and cringe about the birds battering themselves on the glass. Now, my chickens liked to sit and look into the basement windows at themselves, occasionally pecking the windows,

    1. I'm not sure how long it takes to reload ammo. Maybe he's waiting on supplies? It's just one bird doing it. The rest can apparently tell themselves a part from a reflection, haha.