Saturday, May 29, 2021

Not necessary

Months ago I got a call, someone from my mom's medicare advantage health insurance plan wanted to schedule an in home screening. I told them no thanks. She just saw her primary care physician about 2 months earlier and I didn't feel this was necessary. Today I get an email (my email is set up with her insurance company) from this company doing in home health screenings for her health insurance company and she apparently let them schedule one for June 8 at her apartment. I called mom to ask her what she remembers about. It sounds like maybe she got something in the mail and thought she had to call, so she did, but she said she didn't really know what it is for. I told her I really don't think it's necessary. She has her annual exam with her dr. at the end of June. That should be enough assessing and care, LOL.  Plus, of course I'd need to be there for this, because she's not going to remember anything this person would ask/tell her.

I called up to ask what this is for and they said to coordinate with her insurance company and doctor to see if she's eligible for any additional services. I asked "like what?" but didn't get an answer. Just another vague response about coordinating with her doctor. Something about coordinating her medications. Well, her doctor does that, she's the one who prescribes them. I said well, I would need to be there, due to her memory issues, and that's not convenient for me, not to mention she will be going to see her doctor for her annual check up in about a month or so, so I canceled it. I don't need to have to go to 2 "doctor's" appointments for no reason.

I got all my flowers planted yesterday. I'm definitely going to do more "cheating" next year, haha. I bought one really full hanging pot of petunias for like $10. To put that many in my own pot would have cost me that much. I just took off the hanging parts and plopped it down in the basket of my little metal "bike". It was like snapping my fingers and poof! done! LOL

My boss said she just bought pre planted pots of flowers and took the whole thing out and planted it in her whiskey barrels. That's more what I will do next year. So much easier, haha. 

Dh is trying to get some emitters added to the drip lines, so that I do not have to water the flowers in the whiskey barrels. He also moved the curly stretchy little hose with wand closer to the front porch, so I  can water the hanging baskets a little easier. 

I think today we will go to the big swap meet and see if we can find like a bear carving. Hopefully an artist like that is there again. I told dh either we should go first thing in the morning or maybe in the evening (it's open dawn to dusk is the hours listed) to try to be there when maybe it's not quite so crowded. With it getting canceled last year, I'm sure lots will want to go to it this year. The ad says they have 200 vendors, which seems like more than usual.

Super nice weather now. Perfect sunny and will be about 72 today. I see next Wednesday is supposed to be 90. Summer is almost here.


  1. I'm in the elderly age group and I get calls to schedule an appointment with a home health care nurse for a checkup or an opportunity to talk to a pharmacist about my prescriptions. Since, I, too, see my doctors routinely I see no need for these free services from the health insurance people. They are quite persistent about it, too, and don't want to take no for an answer.

    1. It's starting to get annoying, especially after I already told the lady who called me months ago we weren't interested in doing this.

  2. These people call me all the time. Sometimes, they call me and say they are reminding me of my scheduled appointment tomorrow. I usually have to get nasty, yell, and eventually hang up. They assure me I did call them and schedule the appointment. No, I did not. But, if they tell your mother she called and scheduled the appointment, she might think she did. There oughta be a law!

    1. I'm going to look at my mom's call log on her cell phone, but I think she did get something in the mail and thought she needed to call. I'm thinking of calling the health insurance (Blue Cross Blue Shield) customer service about her account and asking if there is a way to stop these requests.