Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Open sesame

DH spent all day and then some yesterday getting the gate opener installed and working. It was a nice cool day at 60 degrees, so at least he wasn't out doing it in 80 degrees. Lots of wiring to feed through pvc, etc. We are trying the solar panel for now and it seemed to work great. He ordered several remote controls and they even work all the way from the front door, so we may not even end up switching to electricity. His original plan was to wire it to the entry way (this was all preplanned and conduit underground set up to run the wiring) so if someone pulled up to come in, we could open the gate from the front door. This gate opener cost just under $2000. I told dh if we had purchased it from a company that installed it for us it would have likely been double that cost. He said he had asked the guy who came last fall to put in our shed garage door what it would cost through them and he said about $4000.

The nurse or whatever she is did call and schedule the in home exam for my additional life insurance through work. She's coming tomorrow at 11am and said to fast at least 4 hours. So, I guess I'll have a little something to eat or drink before 7am. I can't go all night and then until 11am. She said the visit won't take more than a half an hour.

I'm as bad as my mom! Here I was wondering why she never leaves me a voicemail anymore if I can't answer her call. I get a call while I'm working from a # I don't recognize so I let it go to voicemail, but no voicemail left. Then I get an email. It was my dr.'s office trying to fill out the life insurance forms and had a question and she said my voicemail was full......OOOPS!! LOL. Wonder how long it's been like that. Geez Louise! It's fixed now, haha. All deleted. You'd think an iphone would be smart enough to say "hey...dummy...your voicemail is full!"

Our weather temperature high for today? 48 LOL. It was 81 2 days ago. We can't decide if we need heat or a/c. LOL.

Not much else going on. I've been watching The Voice. I didn't watch the last couple of seasons, but always enjoyed it previously. I don't recall that when it got to live voting that they still kept an even number from each team, in the previous seasons, but maybe they did. Now, the final has 1 contestant from each team, plus a wild card.  I definitely think there were others that were on the same team who were better, but basically they were competing up to that point against their other team members, rather than the audience just voting on who was best overall, regardless of what team they were on. This is probably my last season to watch that show.

My dd took the cutest video last night of their dogs. Her hubby holding out a cup with treats in it. Her one dog reaches his nose in and gently takes out one treat. Her other dog shoves his whole nose in the cup and tries to eat all the treats at once. I must have watched it 10 times and laughed every time.

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