Friday, May 7, 2021

Day off

Speaking of mom told me on the phone yesterday that her guy friend called it off (again?).  Will she remember he did today? Sorry, but ya just gotta laugh, a bit, haha.

This afternoon we take our dog in to have his stitches out and hopefully find out the results of his biopsy. And decide if he will start taking a once a month shot for his arthritis or keep on the daily pills. It was either a 9am appointment or after 2pm. It takes dh awhile to get moving in the mornings (especially if he did work around the house the day before and he mowed yesterday) so I chose the afternoon appointment. I didn't really want to have to be ready and out of the house by 7:50 either.

The new computer monitor I got dh to replace the dead one arrived. Nice and good sized and bright. And it came with a cable that was the right one, so I still have a bunch of various cables. Now the new one makes his 2nd monitor look small and low light, haha. Maybe that's what I'll get him for his birthday or Father's Day coming up - a matching monitor.

DH got the sprinkler system turned back on and all worked great. Good thing as it was 85 degrees yesterday. Back to 61 today. The hummingbirds are back! I put one feeder out for now, until they start drinking it faster, as more show up.

My plan is to go pick up my mom tomorrow and have her spend the night and take her back Sunday. I just haven't figured out yet what time, so I need to do that this morning before I call her about it. I mentioned it last Sunday, but I'm sure she doesn't remember.  I think when I take her back Sunday I will stop at the garden center and get 2 more whiskey/wine barrel planters.

I took today off, so I'm enjoying a peaceful morning, so far. Drinking my coffee, reading online and getting this post finished. I also need to figure out a Mother's Day gift for my mom. I figured out she doesn't need crossword puzzle books - she has been getting them from her senior living place, so that is good. I'll probably just get her some chocolates.

I was able to make my first (and extra) mortgage payment online with my first lender as the transfer to the new one got delayed a few days. Now I see it's been transferred, so I set up my online account with that one and will start making payments there on 6/1. 

We had a company zoom meeting yesterday morning. Still trying to get the office back open with all the rules and ambitiousness. I could tell our one owner is a bit frustrated with it all (he's more outspoken of the two). Their lawyers are telling them they need to go by the state OSHA rules/guidelines, but those haven't caught up to what the CDC is ok'ing now, so that is frustrating. As it stands now those who are fully vaccinated can sit at their desk or in their office with no mask. If they get up to walk around they must wear a mask, or if someone comes to their desk or office, they must put a mask on. Those not vaccinated have to wear a mask all the time. All visitors to our office must wear a mask. Owner threw out some situations to clarify. Like he said he had a client with him the day before in one of the small conference rooms. The guy said he'd been vaccinated and our owner has, so could they just remove the masks? The president and my boss aren't quite sure either, but decided they must keep the masks on. Then they told him if you are in your office by yourself, you don't need a mask, but if there are more than one of you, mask up. I could see owner leave his desk (he was at the office) with his dog, come back and sit down, with his dog at his side again and both he and his dog had a mask on, LOL. They have decided that returning to the office to work is optional, though they of course encourage it.

He had Covid last year, so he said in all honestly he had no intention/desire to also get the vaccine, but decided to just do it, as a leader of his company. But, I could tell he's frustrated that he's had it and he's had the vaccine and still has to wear a mask....He had college age kids and said even in his house there are different opinions. His youngest is going to college in Fall and got a letter saying he needs to be vaccinated or be tested 2x a week. He decided to get the vaccine. His other son, already in a different university, got a similar letter and could fill out a form for religious or other objections. He sent in the form and his dad said what did you put on it? LOL. Son told him I wrote show me in the Constitution of the United States of America where it says I have to get chemicals inserted into my body that haven't been fully tested out. 

The wife of DH's best friend, who lives in Texas, texted him the other day that she is planning a surprise party for his 60th birthday and really wants us to come and surprise him, mid July, so we will probably do that. DH told her in text back - you know he's going to cry...she said said LOL, oh for sure he will. He's a big biker crybaby LOL.

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