Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tax help

As I expected, I guess I'll be doing my mom's taxes again this year. After the past several years of pulling my hair out trying to do her easy tax return, because I'd try to do them on her computer and because the last 2 years she thought she was learning how to do it. #1 her internet was slow as molasses #2 she was not learning because she didn't remember a lick of it the next year #3 she barely knows how to use a computer anyway.  She's seemed convinced since I moved that she would be able to do her taxes online herself this year. So, I have just been saying ok, but if you need help with it let me know.

Got a call from her last night - wondering if I could do her taxes. LOL. She just has several documents I need (social security and a couple of retirement account statements). I know she has a printer/scanner. Did she want to scan her docs and email to me? Well, she doesn't know if her printer/copier scans and attach in email (forget it). So, I said hey, how about this. You know how to make copies on it right? (yes!). Make copies and mail them to me. Then she mentioned she's a bit nervous that it's going through the mail with her ss# on it (I didn't mention they came into the mail to her that way!LOL), so I suggested she just use a black marker and black out her ss on the docs before mails to me. Ok, I think we are good to go. I'll have them in a few days. It will take me probably a whole half hour (maybe an hour at most) to file it online and so much easier than 10 phone calls from her saying "how to I answer this and go to the next page?" LOL  Easy for me to take care of and less stressing about it for her. All good!

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  1. I hear ya! A few weeks ago my mom's modem broke. Normally she has to call the service provider, listen to the phone instructions, punch the correct numbers and talk to rep. Well, that won't happen anytime soon. I called pretending to be her, gave all the correct info to pass the security steps and ordered a new modem. I also paid extra to get it pre-setup so that, she would just plug it in. She and my uncle could not even do that and called a service guy. Both of them think the other messed!