Thursday, February 16, 2017

Bad food

We did end up going out to dinner on Valentine's Day. Not really because it was V-Day, just because I didn't feel like cooking. We only have the one place in town to eat out at and we have been going less and less often. The food just doesn't seem very good anymore. Not sure if it's just us or they've changed cooks or something. Dinner was not very good at all. We went ahead and ordered their Valentine's Day special - dinner for 2 - steak and prawns, salad or soup, beverage and a dessert to share. The steak was ok. The prawns coating was kind of soggy. I took cheesecake to go and had it later, that was pretty good. Their breakfasts (served all day) are good, so we will stick to going to breakfast or having breakfast for dinner if we eat there.

Kind of a bummer we won't get going out once a week like we were, now I just have to come up with more ideas for dinners at home.  DH has been more helpful in adding in ideas though, and since he's been grocery shopping with me he's been picking out things to try. Last night I didn't know what to make, as nothing I had planned or the option (ie defrosted) to make even sounded good. He said nothing really sounded good to him either. I mentioned the big can of spaghettio's he got on our last shopping trip was still up in the cupboard so we just had that with sandwiches. Nice and easy.

I made some home made vanilla ice cream last weekend with my Kitchenaid attachment. The best ice cream! DH never tried it before, but finally he did and his response? "This is way better than store bought ice cream". Of course. haha. I only made half a recipe because I figured he wouldn't even try it (again) so now we are almost out of ice cream already!

We lost NBC on our Dish satellite for a few weeks while they ironed out a contract. I wasn't done catching up on This is Us! But then found I could watch it online at But, now NBC is back with Dish, so that is good. I like to watch the Voice and that is starting up again soon.

Tomorrow is my half work day Friday. Woo! and then the weekend already. This week has zipped by so far.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing our snow melt so I can use the grill more often. We grill year round, but I just hate having to shovel a path to get to it every time we use it! So many easy (and quick cleanup!) meals that can be prepared on the grill.

  2. I hate wasting money and time for a mediocre restaurant meal, but can't always win. Glad your cheesecake was good at least.