Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A big UGH!

I spent the day reconciling bank statements for work. Our bank statements have become much more cumbersome with online bill paying versus the old way of printing out a bunch of checks each week. I always seem to be off some weird amount lately, that is always my fault - transposing a # or something. Now I have a bad headache - good thing the day is done now.

Then I got an email from owner's wife (she works at office too) at my side job - they are getting audited - AGAIN! $F%$##. We just went through that 3 years ago. Came through fine, no issues, but figured they'd now be good not to be audited again for awhile, at least.  GRRR! It is such a pain in the ass. I guess I'll be earning a little extra this year dealing with that, as it will take more time than what I normally do for them. Knock on wood, but for my full time job we were audited once, before I started working there and nothing since. Ok, she just sent me a copy of the audit letter - it's not the IRS, it's for their state department of revenue, so that's not quite as bad, I guess. Thankfully they have a CPA that will deal with most of it.

My SIL mailed me a birthday card last month. It got returned to her with a yellow sticker saying "attempted not known". She had the address all correct. It's just a PO Box - how hard is that to put in the right box #?  So, she mailed it again on 2/8. Just got it today! Good lord - did it travel around the country first? Her daughter mailed me a "save the date" card for her wedding last Monday and I got it it 2 days later.  So strange.

DH wants "nacho's" for dinner, so I'm going to attempt to make some. Wish me luck! I'm just kind of throwing some stuff together to make them.


  1. that's what our son does for a living, auditing companies....he seems to enjoy it? Doesn't make him popular though....LOL

  2. Wow. It gives me a headache just thinking about it!